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6 products

Lora DiCarlo's mission is to create a sexually equitable world where all genders and sexualities are met with innovative and thoughtful tools to serve on their path to pleasure. Lora DiCarlo strives to assemble diverse minds to create products that work in parity with diverse desires, preferences, and anatomy.


Lora DiCarlo is a sex toy brand that’s “ by women, for women” . It’s been around since 2017, and is a beautiful collision of pleasure and science. 

By that we mean, they’ve teamed up with Oregon State University’s Robotics and Engineering Lab to bring you the very best in sexual satisfaction.

Lora DiCarlo , as a brand, aims to bring about equality, and their inclusivity approach is simply impressive. 

One sex toy at a time, Lora DiCarlo is working to end the stigma against women’s pleasure, and to push boundaries. 

What’s also fantastic about Lora DiCarlo is that they’ve teamed up with Cara Delevinge, who is now a co-owner of the Lora DiCarlo sex toy brand.

Another perk of buying a Lora DiCarlo sex toy? Each purchase comes with a free coaching session with a Lora DiCarlo wellness coach!

What Lora DiCarlo Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

Lora DiCarlo has a small range of elegant and powerful sex toys, making it easier to choose your favourite (or to try them all!). 

Why improve upon something that’s already perfect, in our opinion.

Take a look at the Lora DiCarlo clitoral pulsator, oral stimulator, and the G-spot massager, and tell us which one is your best!

Lora DiCarlo Clitoral Stimulation Sex Toys

The Lora DiCarlo Carezza Clitoral Pulsator has such an elegant look to it, one may never guess its grandeur in pleasure. 

It’s been created to mimic a human finger and by placing it on your heavenly spot, feels like the real thing, stroking and caressing. It’s small, fitting in the palm of your hand, yet definitely packs a punch.

This Lora DiCarlo sex toy uses PercussionTouch technology to curate your best orgasmic experience. It also uses biomimicry instead of vibrations, giving you a more realistic experience. 

From light tapping to intense drumming , you have ultimate control.

Lora DiCarlo G-Spot Sex Toys

The Lora DiCarlo Onda Hither Motion G-Spot Massager is a sex toy that’s bursting with potential. It uses micro-robotics to mimic the sensation of an actual finger , yet holds a kind of power the human touch simply cannot produce. 

It’s been created in a shape that fits perfectly with the curves of your body, and has 4 different types of stroking capabilities . In this way, you can figure out which stroke feels the best while stimulating one of the most intimate parts of being a woman. 

It’s pinpointed capabilities are too something to be adored, as it allows for precise pleasure and ultimate satisfaction.

Needless to say, with all of its thrills and frills, and its “come hither” motion , you’ll be taken to an unearthly place of pleasure within seconds.

Lora DiCarlo Oral Sex Simulation Toys

Experience the real deal with the Lora DiCarlo Filare Oral Stimulator . Do you like being licked into sheer bliss? This gorgeous creation mimics that of a tongue massaging your clitoris with one added bonus: you can control the speed, strokes, direction, and swirls.

This entirely desirable clitoral stimulation toy has 2 different stimulation points for even more sexual satisfaction, and uses patent-pending technology to give you a real-feel experience

It’s small, fitting into the palm of your hand, yet high-powered. In short, this clitoral sex toy from Lora DiCarlo is simply irresistible!

Another reason to love this range of sex toys from Lora DiCarlo? They’ve challenged the norm when it comes to the colour of sex toys, using easy-on-the-eye pastels that give it an elegant and sophisticated flair. 

These soft colours, and the conspicuous design of their sex toys, make them discrete yet simply delicious.