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      The Kama Sutra Collection creates a luxurious pleasure experience. Exciting the senses is just one way to light a fire in the passion centers of the brain. With lick-able, bitable, and flavored erotic treats by Kama Sutra, your sexual adventures will know no limits. Shop the Kama Sutra Collection to find essential erotic products to bring your desires to life.

      Kama Sutra Kissable Body Products

      Foreplay can turn any bedroom experience into extraordinary one. What better way to boost your foreplay game than by getting your hands and mouth engaged in the fun. Edible body products by Kama Sutra allow you to pair the sensual feel of touch with taste which will take your erotic adventures to a whole new level as your senses awaken.

      The Kama Sutra Oils of Love are warming oils that will play on your lover's senses and tingle your taste buds at the same time. Foreplay with warming oils helps get both partners in the mood and the unique flavors make it hard to resist nibbling all night long. This kissable oil happens to be one of the most purchased edible items. The oil boosts sensation and arousal while also providing a minty taste that triggers the oral senses during love play. Add it to erogenous zones or any other area that makes you hot for a night of wild passion and erotic taste play.

      Kama Sutra Luxury Erotic Gift Sets

      There are creative erotic gift sets that are aimed at bringing your lover to the brink of bliss and those that will set a tone of romance for a night of lovemaking. There are even erotic gift sets that can help bring out your lover's deepest desires. There is no limit when it comes to exploring pleasure, so don’t be shy, give them a gift to remember.

      Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Box is one of the brand's best sellers – it’s strawberry themed. The body powder absorbs moisture and leaves the skin feeling soft, silky, and delectably kissable. It can be applied solo or with the help of a partner using the ultra-sexy feather applicator. It offers an erotic scent that is sure to entice senses and boost the mood during foreplay and beyond. The Kama Sutra Pure Heart Set is also a great option – it is vanilla themed.

      Kama Sutra Massage Products

      If you love massage, the Kama Stutra Aromatics Massage Oil by Kama Sutra is a great way for couples to engage in sensual foreplay before the main event. Choose between a variety or scents to invigorate your senses. The oils can also be added in or applied after a bath to keep the skin hydrated.

      One of our best sellers is the Kama Sutra Massage Candle.   The blend of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E add conditioning to the skin that leaves you feeling soft and flirty. With a collection of scents to arouse your deepest desires, these luxurious massage candles will take your passion play to a whole new level.

      The Kama Sutra Intensifying Plus Gel For Women boosts foreplay which helps improve sensual connections between partners. The prefect herbal blends adds a thrilling tingling sensation that boosts arousal. There are warming and cooling sensation gels to choose from, whatever your mood.

      Boost Your Bedroom Play With Kama Sutra

      Kama Sutra products can transform your sex life . They represent the gold standard in the world of adult pleasure and pair taste with sensual play. Start living your life in sensual bliss with Kama Sutra today.