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      Intimate Earth perfectly fits what this brand is about, which is making nature-inspired, vegan products that will increase excitement and intimacy between partners. Intimate Earth knew that they wanted to offer products with ingredients that are simple and organic with no animal testing.
      By the same token, Intimate Earth wanted to make products that do not have the harmful chemicals found in many personal care products such as paraben preservatives, glycerin, menthol, etc. Intimate Earth aims to accentuate positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle.


      Intimate Earth , while being a brand that’s dedicated to sexual wellness, is also a brand that is nature-inspired. It uses elements of the earth to create products that not only enhance your sexual connection, but also your connection with nature. 

      We love Intimate Earth because of their modern approach to sexuality, and the care they put into their sexual products. 

      In every bottle of Intimate Earth , you’ll find essential ingredients and no parabens, benzocaine, glycerin, aspartame, or any other toxic chemicals.

      What Intimate Earth Sexual Wellness Product Are You Looking for Today?

      What can you expect from Intimate Earth ? Must-have signature serums, glides, and massage oils that will increase your sexual pleasure.

      From water-based lubricants, clitoral gel, anal gel, scented masssage oils, and warming glides, to performance glides and green tea toy cleaner sprays, all of Intimate Earth ’s products are vegan, of great quality, and pH balanced.

      Intimate Earth Massage Oil

      Whether you’re going for a relaxing massage or a sexually-charged one, there is a massage oil from Intimate Earth that will set the right tone. We highly recommend massaging your partner because of the many benefits.

      A relaxing massage can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, ease muscle tension, and help improve one’s quality of sleep.

      And when you choose an Intimate Earth product for your massage, you have the power to awaken all of the senses. Their products help enhance creativity in the bedroom and create a deeper connection between partners. Using them sensually is also an excellent form of foreplay.

      Having said that, Intimate Earth has a wide range of aromatherapy massage oils of varying scents. From Cocoa Bean and Goji Berry , Lemongrass and Coconut , Hazelnut Biscotti , and Fresh Cut Grass , to Vanilla Chai , Peony Blush , Pink Grapefruit , and Honey Almond , you’ll surely find your favourite in the Intimate Earth massage oil range.

      If you’re not a fan of scents however, there’s the Intimate Earth Naked Massage Oil , which is fragrance-free, and the Intimate Earth Elite Velvet Touch , which is a silicone glide and massage oil with no taste and no smell.

      Intimate Earth Anal Gels

      Slide into pleasure with Intimate Earth and their range of anal gels. There’s the Ease Anal Silicone Glide made with relaxation in mind, formulated using Bisabolol extracts. This extract has muscle relaxing properties, making anal sex even more enjoyable.

      Then there are two more special bottles of Intimate Earth anal gels, including one especially for him. The Daring Anal Relaxing Serum , which doesn’t cause any numbing yet relaxes the sphincter for more pleasurable penetration, was made for men using a blend of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass.

      The Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum is an another serum that works quickly, creating an effortless entry into bliss.

      Bonus? The Soothe Anal Anti-Bacterial Glide has ultimate pleasure in mind while containing guava bark extract, a natural anti-bacterial agent. A safe yet saucy option for lovers.

      Intimate Earth Pleasure Glides

      Intimate Earth has a vast range of pleasure glides, aka lubricants, all made up of different natural ingredients. These different glides all have a unique and tantalising scent that has the ability to create a stir of sensations for the body and mind.

      Why should you consider a pleasure glide from Intimate Earth? Using a lubricant during sex not only assists those who may have vaginal dryness, but also reduces friction and adds an extra touch of stimulation for the senses. Additionally, certain smells can create even stronger sexual connections between partners and increase sexual attraction.

      So, what glorious Intimate Earth Pleasure Glide are you after today?

      For some seriously delicious oral fun, check out the Wild Strawberries Oral Pleasure Glide , perfect for those with a cheeky side.

      And if you’re looking for a glide for even better penetration, choose between these tantalising flavours: Wild Cherry, Salted Caramel , Naughty Nectarine , Chocolate Mint , Cheeky Apple , or the Banana Cream Pie .

      Then there’s also the Mojo range from Intimate Earth, made for better performance. The Mojo Peruvian Ginseng Water-Based Performance Glide and the Mojo Peruvian Ginseng Silicone Performance Glide was created for enhanced sexual pleasure, and to build up an even bigger stamina.

      And to keep things extra safe yet super pleasurable, the Intimate Earth Defense Protection Glide is perfect for those who are prone to yeast infections, and helps prevent the spread of HPV.

      Last but not least, you might just fancy Intimate Earth’s warming glide, Melt . It uses bark extract as opposed to menthol, to create a warm sensation on the skin for hotter bouts of play.

      Intimate Earth Vaginal Tightening & Warming Gel

      Intimate Earth has created a special gel made for women who may be experiencing the effects of stretching after childbirth.

      The Embrace Vaginal Tightening and Warming Serum uses a blend of natural ingredients to produce a contracting effect, creating a sense of tightness without any tingling or dehydration.

      Re-create magic after childbirth with this sexual serum from Intimate Earth.

      Intimate Earth Clitoral Gels

      Arguably the most pleasurable spot for a woman, is the clitoris. In fact, this magical nub is the gateway to all kinds of sexy climaxing. Which is why Intimate Earth has created an arousal serum to take levels of ecstasy to brand new heights.

      The Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum is perfect for those who need a little boost when it comes to clitoral sensation, and is made from natural Japanese peppermint oil, yet doesn’t contain menthol. The Gentle Clitoral Arousal Serum is similar to the Intense, yet is less concentrated.

      By adding your chosen clitoral arousal serum directly onto the clitoris, you can enjoy the sensations during intercourse, foreplay, or even solo fun.

      Intimate Earth Water-Based Lube

      Water-based lubricants are super versatile, and can be used during intimate partnered play or with silicone sex toys.

      Which is why we recommend the Intimate Earth Hydra Natural Glide Water-Based Lubricant . It’s made from natural plant cellulose, has no scent or taste, yet works brilliantly for almost any sexy activity.

      Intimate Earth Toy Cleaners

      Keep your pleasure products clean and tidy with natural antibacterial ingredients rather than harsh chemicals with Intimate Earth.

      They offer two types of toy cleaners: the Green Foaming Toy Cleaner , which can be used on nearly all types of material like plastic, silicone, glass, and stainless steel, and the Green Toy Cleaner Spray , which is made from guava bark, is alcohol-free and safe on the skin, and can be used on any kind of toy.