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      13 products

      Pleasure for everybody

      Hot Octopuss, the people who design innovative, cutting-edge sex toys that look gorgeous and work with your body. Hot Octopussbelieve pleasure is a fundamental right, which is why we’re breaking taboos around sex and masturbation, creating toys that work for everybody.


      Hot Octopuss hit the sex toy scene in 2013 by two best friends who wanted to change the way people viewed pleasure products. They wanted to shatter the glass ceiling in terms of how sex toys looked and worked, and made it their mission to reinvent them.

      We love Hot Octopuss for how they’ve challenged the norm in a rebellious yet teasingly satisfying way. Their products are a treat to look at, and even more so to use because they’ve used science and design to curate their line of toys.

      Hot Octopuss is an inclusive brand that celebrates everyone. And it’s this inventive attitude that’s won them awards and captured the hearts, and nether regions, of people all over the world.

      What Hot Octopuss Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Forget everything you know about male masturbators, because Hot Octopuss has successfully created “the guybrator”. This is one of their most note-worthy sex toys, and allows a complete transcendence into pleasure for those who use them. 

      Using the tagline, “When it comes to sex toys, we know that penises can sometimes feel a little left out,” they’re all about bringing new kinds of pleasure for men.

      Hot Octopuss also offers bullet vibrators, penis rings, and finger vibrators, all uniquely beautiful in design, and delicious in function. Find your poison with the Hot Octopuss’ll be glad you did.

      Hot Octopuss Guybrator Sex Toys

      What is the guybrator from Hot Octopuss, you ask? Well, it’s unlike anything you’ve probably seen or used before. This line of sex toys for him aren’t an upgrade or twist on male masturbators and other men’s sex toys, they’re something completely different. 

      For the guybrator, they use the standard vibration for the base and underneath the penis, while PulsePlate technology gets to work in effortless oscillation-like rumbles throughout the entire penis. 

      What’s also simply amazing is that you can use the guybrator from Hot Octopuss while completely flaccid! Take a peek at what these next-level male sex toys can do for you.

      The Pulse Solo Essential Guybrator by Hot Octopuss is the world’s first vibrator for men, aka guybrator, and allows you to reach climax without a single stroke. Its hands-free capabilities makes this toy something worth taking home.

      Then, the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux Guybrator is seriously top-shelf when it comes to his pleasure. It’s hands-free because of its wrist strap remote, and is 100 percent waterproof for some shower play. 

      You might also enjoy the Pocket Pulse Guybrator that is lightweight but has a flexible arm for intense stroking. It has two motors, 9 functions, and is a one-size-fits-all marvel for men.

      Hot Octopuss Couples Guybrator Sex Toys

      Hot Octopuss has a sensational line of couples sex toys. The Pulse Duo Guybrator is a pleasure product worn by him that does all the work, giving the wearer the ability to put all focus on their partner. It’s remote-controlled, and is the perfect addition to some seriously sexy foreplay. 

      Another goodie for couples is the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Lux Guybrator , and you can consider it an upgrade from the Pulse Duo. It comes with two remote control straps, allowing both partners to take control, and is hands-free. 

      And while it is worn by him, it has the ability to cause a stir for both partners. It also has a “turbo” function, which amplifies the intensity.

      Hot Octopuss Bullet Vibrator Sex Toys

      Step into the fast lane with the Hot Octopuss Amo Bullet Vibrator . It’s a sexy little pleasure product with curves in all of the right places, making it the right fit for any body. 

      And while it’s small in stature, the motor is large, creating rumbles and waves of pleasure for whomever uses it. 

      What’s also impressive is that this bullet vibe can gently stimulate the clitoris during sex, as it can slide in between partners. 

      Hot Octopuss Penis Ring Sex Toys

      Step inside the world of firework-inducing couples pleasure with Hot Octopuss and their range of penis rings. 

      The Atom Vibrating Penis Ring has been created with both partners in mind, giving sensual stimulation for ultimate pleasure. It has a large contact area and a nub that work together to allow for sexy grinding sensations.

      The ring is flexible, and allows for stronger erections whilst enjoying the blissful vibrations with your play partner. 

      Then there’s the Atom Plus Vibrating Penis Ring by Hot Octopuss, which is the impressive upgrade of the Atom, and the perfect addition for solo play or partnered fun. 

      When used solo, and paired with one of their guybrators, you’ll get whisked away to paradise, as these two will vibrate the entire groin. For couples play, shared bliss is experienced equally, enhancing your sexy play.

      This penis ring is a world-first , as it is a dual motor pleasure product that is capable of stretching for ultimate comfort. In this way, the balls, shaft, and perineum are all stimulated simultaneously. What a world we live in!

      Hot Octopuss Finger Vibrator Sex Toys

      Give the magic touch with the Hot Octopuss DiGiT Finger Vibrator . This sex toy is placed over the finger, creating a vibrating extension that’s simply heavenly to use for clitoral stimulation during foreplay, masturbation, or sex.

      It has 5 speeds and 5 vibration settings, is 100 percent waterproof, and whisper-quiet. And whilst it is lightweight for comfort, it certainly does not disappoint when it comes to its powerful vibrations.