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      4 products

      4 products

      Désirable's products are the culmination of almost three years of research and development. It all began in 2011, during a university project on the ethics of designer in the industry of erotic toys. This is how Désirable's started the Design & Intimacy project, which aimed to provide an alternative that is more ethical, responsible and in harmony with the erotic and intimate realities of couples.


      Desirables opened their doors in 2011, after three intense years of researching and developing a line of erotic toys that are ethical, responsible, and in harmony. 

      They’re a Canadian-based sex toy company, whose owner is passionate and dedicated to bringing solo and partnered players the utmost level of pleasure with toys that are body-safe and lustful.

      And while the line of sex toys from Desirables isn’t so expansive, you can expect absolute quality, whichever pleasure product tickles your fancy.

      We love Desirables for their creative and innovative thinking, and their ability to curate luxurious, elegant, and morally-sound sex toys for all.

      What Desirables Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Desirables have a big focus on porcelain G-spot dildo sex toys, all of which have been carefully-crafted to bring you all kinds of titalating eroticism. Their simple yet luxurious aesthetic is easy-on-the-eyes, and their functionality is even more impressive.

      Desirables also have their one-of-a-kind porcelain massage stones that are the ultimate in sexual wellness, relaxation, and satisfaction.

      Desirables G-Spot Dildo Sex Toys

      Feel the sensation of gorgeous porcelain in your hand with Desirables and their G-spot sex toys. The Desirables Dalia Marble Porcelain G-Spot Dildo has been hand-painted for that extra personal touch, and really impresses with its marble effect. Its shape was meticulously created to tease and please the G-spot, leading up to a blissful and erotic climax.

      The Desirables Dalia Signature Porcelain G-Spot Dildo is another sensual sex toy that’s been handcrafted with lust in the highest possible quality. This lightweight pleasure product fits effortlessly inside your sweet spot taking you to new sexual heights, or it can be used for your kegel exercises! Simply use the rounded tip to get those pelvic floor muscles into shape for bigger and better orgasms.

      You may also love the Desirables Dalia Love Dust Porcelain G-Spot Dildo that was made for those who see the world in dazzling colour. It’s body-safe, non-porous, durable, and adds a dash of vitality to your life with its splashes of blue speckles that have been hand-painted.

      Desirables Massage Stones 

      The Desirables Adori Porcelain Massage Stones have been handmade with sensual and seductive energy, and are the perfect sexual wellness product to induce relaxation. They’re petite, but they’re also incredibly powerful and pleasure-inducing, fitting in the palm of your hand.

      These massage stones come in 3 different shapes and designs, so you can choose the most sensual one to really target your muscles and intimate spots either solo or with a partner.