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Couples Vibrators

Come together with our affordable and luxurious selection of couples vibrators. From favourites such as We-Vibe Couples vibrators to massagers and vibrators, these sex toys will offer both you and your partner lots of fun and tons of pleasure in the sheets.

Unsure of which couples vibrator to choose? Take a look at our top choices:

How to Use a Couples Vibrator

How to use a couples vibrator depends on the type of couples vibrator you’re lusting after. 

If you’re going for a toy that is worn by her, it may offer clitoral and/or G-spot stimulation, while giving off latent vibrations for a partner to enjoy. If it’s a toy that’s worn by him, it could offer perks such as harder and stronger erections and increased stamina while both partners bask in rumbling vibrations. 

It really does depend on which couples vibrator you fancy! But more on that later...

Should You Buy a Couples Vibrator?

If you’re currently in a relationship, have a partner, lover, or play partner, and you’re both intrigued to enhance your play dates, we definitely recommend a couples vibrator. 

Alternatively, even if you’re single, we still think it’s a fab idea to have one, as the majority of them can be used for solo play in the meantime, while being a sneaky treat when you do engage in some partnered fun. 

If sex toys are your thing, or they’re starting to pique your interest, there really are no downsides to owning a pleasure product… whether it’s for solo or partnered use.

Top 5 Couples Vibrators

1. We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

This couples vibrator is all the talk right now! And actually, We-Vibe are arguably the best brand for couples vibrators today! This gem is a real winner for solos and couples too. It’s a gorgeous pleasure product that’s worn by her during penetrative sex in such a way that dual bliss is experienced. Imagine sweet rumbles of euphoria on the clitoris and the G-spot, simultaneously, whilst having passionate fun with your partner! But the perks of this magnificent sex toy don’t just stop there. It has so many sexy features you’ll love! Firstly, it’s been designed with a Squeeze Remote, which means that—the harder the wearer squeezes, the more intense the vibrations become! Secondly, this couples vibrator works via the exclusive We-Vibe app, so it can be controlled by the wearer or someone else, long distance. In other words, you can expect the unexpected with this beauty!

2. LELO Tiani 3 Couples Massager

LELO is all about luxury, so if you fancy a couples vibrator that exudes elegance and grandeur, you’re going to want to snatch up the LELO Tiani 3 Couples Massager. It’s a pleasure product that is worn by her and comes with a remote control, allowing easier use for solos and even more seductive play for couples. Imagine your lover taking the reins on your pleasure, creating a stir of arousal anytime, anywhere! We love the award-winning LELO Tiani 3 because it feels like a million bucks in your hand and it’s 100 percent waterproof for a splash of decadence. This couples vibrator also comes with SenseMotion Technology, which means that the faster you move the remote control, the more intense the vibrations become. A true innovative piece of sex tech you’ll absolutely adore.

3. Fun Factory Sharevibe Vibrating Silicone Strapless Strap-On

This beaut is an insatiable upgrade from one of Fun Factory’s best selling sex toys, and is basically sexuality, encapsulated. It’s a strapless strap-on couples vibrator that allows more skin-to-skin contact than ever before, almost like an extension of one’s body. It also has a removable bullet in its base for that extra bit of cheekiness during play time. But how exactly does a strapless strapon work? The partner wearing this couples vibrator will insert it vaginally, and use their pelvic muscles to hold it in place. In this way, both partners can receive pleasure at the same time!

4. Dame Eva II Hands-Free Clitoral Vibrator

Petite yet oh so powerful! Dame Eva II is a couples vibrator that’s hands-free, massaging the clitoris during play time. How does it stay in place? It has two magical wing-like structures that sit comfortably under the labia, making it discreet and pleasurable without interfering with your trysts at all. This gorgeous erotic couples vibrator is light, waterproof, and flexible. Move it according to your body, and find the perfect fit for that extra clitoral stimulation boost with your lover, and you’ll experience sheer eroticism every single time.

5. Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Stroker

Another winner from Fun Factory! The Manta Vibrating Stroker is a couples vibrator that’s super versatile, meaning it can also be used solo, and allows for targeting stimulation for extra pleasure. It features Fun Factory’s signature loop, comes with ridges and grooves in all the right places, and even has the capacity to hold lube, creating a smoother and more pleasurable glide. This couples vibrator is worn by him by either placing it at the base during oral sex or penetrative sex, or used as a stroking toy during masturbation. In short, with the Fun Factory Manta, blissful euphoria is always on the cards.