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      The entire collection of Bodywand sex toys and massagers are carefully crafted to give you the same great orgasmic results anytime, anywhere and any way you want them. That's the real beauty of the Bodywand vibrator. It puts you in complete control of your own sexual destiny. Easy to care for, simple to master and always ready for another go as soon as you reach for the only sex toy you'll ever want.


      Bodywand is all about making magic happen. And this is evident from their range of wands that are super sensual, yet also super effective in reaching new heights of sexual bliss. This sex toy brand prides itself on having a wand for every body, with a ton of different combinations and styles.

      In fact, Bodywand has gone above and beyond to customise the infamous wand sex toy in so many different variations, it may be difficult to choose your fave.

      You see, Bodywand has taken the traditional wand and given it a spicy revamp with funky colours, new functions, as well as different attachments to play with.

      We love Bodywand sex toys for their versatility, out-of-the-box thinking, and pleasure-inducing capabilities.

      What Bodywand Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      While Bodywand mainly focuses on wand sex toys of different sizes and functions, they too have a few other tricks up their sleeve.

      You can check out their different accessories, gift sets, G-spot massagers, and rabbit-style attachment pieces for even more fun than before. Needless to say, Bodywand does not disappoint when it comes to sexual pleasure.

      Bodywand Wand Massager Sex Toys

      Feast your eyes upon Bodywand’s masterpieces, aka their magic wands! Because this sex toy brand has really zoned in on this all-over body massager, you can be sure that they’re not only made of excellent quality, but also made to create earth-shattering experiences in between the sheets.

      Take a peek at the Bodywand Rechargeable Massager , and say goodbye to long cords or a draw full of batteries. This wand is super soft to the touch, strong, and does not disappoint when it comes to continuous stimulation. It’s easy to use, and has an elegant look to it.

      And if you’re after the real deal, you simply have to try the Bodywand Original Japanese Massager. It has a flexible head for those intimate spots, and is a plug-in wand giving it that authentic and vintage feel. You can choose between the black Midnight Bodywand Original Japanese Massager , or the soft white and blue Original Japanese Massager , depending on your preference.

      Alternatively, check out the newer, improved Bodywand 2.0 Original Japanese Massager which is a multi-mode wand. It has the same design that you’ve come to love, yet has undergone a few revamps to create even sexier experiences.

      Another winner is the Bodywand Curve , a massager that’s stylish, powerful, and sensual. It has 8 vibration modes, and a textured grip for comfort, without the dreaded cord. What’s also fantastic about this massager is that it has a selection of attachment heads to play with (see below).

      Lastly, for lovers of pink, the Bodywand Aqua will be your new best friend. This waterproof massager has 8 different massage patterns and 8 different power settings, together making it 64 different combinations of fun.

      Bodywand Mini Wand Massager Sex Toys

      Want to experience the same kind of sexual energy and power from your massager, yet at a much smaller and more discrete size? The mini Bodywand massagers are miniature but ready to give you all that you deserve.

      The Bodywand USB Rechargeable 6” Massager can be used by the touch of a button, feels like soft luxury in your hand, and is also compatible with a slew of different attachments for different kinds of sensations (see below!).

      Or, you may love the Bodywand Mini Massager that’s 4” in height, and is decorated with diamante embellishments for that extra sparkle. Choose between the colours aqua, lavender, or red (aka the love edition), depending on your vibe!

      Then there’s the Bodywand Luxe Mini USB Wand for those go-getters who love to live life boldly. It fits perfectly in your hand, gives off all kinds of elegance, and has a large neck that’s flexible for your pleasure. It also comes with a rose gold metal bracelet, which simply reinforces its luxurious feel.

      And don’t forget about the Bodywand 5 Function Mini Massager which, you guessed it, comes with 5 different functions. This sexual dynamite is waterproof, and can be activated by one-touch. Choose between pink or purple, and add a little extra sunshine to your solo or partnered play routine.

      Bodywand G-Spot Sex Toys

      Get in the mood with Bodywand and their delicious G-spot sex toys. The Bodywand Plus G-Spot Massager was made for those who want an extra oomph in their sexy routine. It’s got more power than the average G-spot vibrator, and releases deep and sensual vibrations as you feel its soft silicone in your hands. It’s longer than many G-spot vibrators, and to experience sheer bliss, simply press one button.

      Then there’s the Bodywand Luxe Large 2 Way G-Spot Massage r that’s double the fun with two sides. The one side can be used externally, while the other is magical for internal stimulation of the G-spot. What’s also fabulous about the Bodywand Luxe 2 Way is that it has two motors for even more action.

      Bodywand Clitoral & Oral Sex Simulation Sex Toys

      Get yourself in a spin with the Bodywand 360 3-Piece Set . A beautiful package consisting of a Bodywand, and two attachments: a flicker head, and a multi-tongue.

      Together, this marvelous oral sex stimulation sex toy provides you with a stir of different sensations. It spins clockwise and anti-clockwise, so you can have it any way you desire it.

      Bodywand Wand Massagers & Rabbit & G-Spot Attachments

      Transform your Bodywand massager into a plethora of tingling and pleasurable stimulation with one of their many attachments. The Bodywand Curve Accessory is a 2-piece accessory pack that is compatible with the Bodywand Curve. One head is great for some seriously tantalising clitoral stimulation, while the other is for those sexy G-spot sessions.

      The Bodywand G-Spot Attachment is yet another divine attachment that works with your favourite Bodywand pleasure product. Simply place the attachment over the head of your toy, and melt away with heavenly G-spot stimulation.

      And if it’s a rabbit-style vibrator you’re pining after, you’ll love the Bodywand Rabbit Wand Attachment . It works just like the G-spot attachment, yet allows you to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-spot simultaneously.

      Bodywand Gift Set Sex Toys

      They say that if you give you shall receive. So whether you’re choosing one or more of these sex toy gift sets from Bodywand for yourself or for someone else, the receiver will definitely be receiving more than they bargained for.

      The Bodywand Bathtime Gift Set is the type of luxury one should expect during every bath time. It comes with a waterproof massager, a vibrating rubber ducky, a vibrating massage sponge, a mini bullet vibrator, and a Bodywand attachment. All that’s missing is your favourite bubbles!

      The Bodywand Bed of Roses Set is equally as pleasure-inducing, but made for those with a more kinky side. It’s a collection of sensual BDSM-inspired sex toys, such as a feather tickler, a satin blindfold, a Bodywand massager, and other small delights to create a sexy atmosphere.

      And for those experiencing the bliss that is their honeymoon, the Bodywand Honeymoon Set should be your go-to. It’s made up of a Bodywand massager, a lace garter, a vibrating love ring, a blindfold with the words “Just Married” on it, and some seriously sexy silk restraints.