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      Autoblow Collection

      Autoblow is brand that’s so focused on male pleasure, they’ve had a team of mechanical engineers and artificial intelligence scientists spend three solid years of sheer research. 

      And what did they come up with? A variety of Autoblow pleasure products that glide up and down the user’s penis in a variety of sexual and erotic ways.

      For those who love the feeling of penetrative sex, anal sex, or oral sex, there’s an Autoblow sex toy with your name written all over it. A sex toy that’s so accurate and lifelike, you’ll be able to enjoy the blissful sensations you crave, anytime you fancy it.

      What Autoblow Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Autoblow is a sex toy brand that specialises in pleasure for penis owners. 

      From their range, you can treat yourself to stroking blowjob machines, as well as different compatible masturbation sleeves that mimic the sexy spots you love for that extra bit of erotic fun.

      So, what kind of stimulation are you after today?

      Autoblow Stroking Blowjob Machines

      Autoblow A.I Stroking Blowjob Machine

      Using a simple dial controller, you can have your shaft stroked at whatever speed gets you all riled up. This A.I Stroking Blowjob Machine doesn’t require batteries, and is simply a plug-in-and-play device, ready when you are.

      What sets this sex toy apart from the rest? It uses artificial intelligence to understand and replicate a real-life blowjob. Its motor is made of all-metal, built to last, and this incredible pleasure product will definitely do all of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

      What’s also sassy is that you can pair it with a VR headset, bringing you right in the action!

      Autoblow 2+ XT Stroking Blowjob Machine

      Move away from the mundane strokers and male masturbators, and step into a world where an all-metal motor works effortlessly all in the name of your pleasure.

      This new and improved blowjob machine will have you blowing your load in minutes whilst having the luxury of resting your arm.

      How to use the Autoblow 2+ XT Stroking Blowjob Machine? Simply hold it in place, and enjoy the sensations that truly are identical to a sloppy and delicious blowjob

      Autoblow Compatible Sleeves for the Autoblow A.I Stroking Blowjob Machine

      Autoblow A.I Silicone Vagina Masturbator Sleeve

      So you find vaginal penetration entirely erotic, and wish there were a male sex toy that could really encapsulate that amazing ‘real feel’. Cue the Autoblow A.I Silicone Vagina Masturbator Sleeve.

      This sex toy for him allows you to turn your blowjob machine into a vagina masturbator with the simple changing of a sleeve. Experience a different kind of sensation easily, without a care in the world.

      This vagina sleeve is fully silicone, designed with a textured interior, and is non-porous (aka it’s super easy to clean and keep hygienic). Yay for an easy transition when you want to change up your solo sessions!

      Autoblow A.I Silicone Mouth Masturbator Sleeve

      Another nifty sleeve that transforms your blowjob machine into a different kind of blowjob experience. The best of both worlds, you can feel various styles, textures and sensations, leading you to your very best blowjob experience yet.

      This beauty is the only sex toy sleeve for men that uses all silicone, and the difference that it makes is truly incredible. A life-like experience that’s arguably better than the real thing!

      Autoblow A.I Silicone Anus Masturbator Sleeve

      Are you a lover of anal sex? Want to experience that tight and sexually euphoric feeling anytime the mood strikes? Simply pop the Autoblow A.I Silicone Anus Masturbator Sleeve over your blowjob machine and experience an intricate interior that’ll lead you to erotic climaxes over and over again.

      It's made entirely of silicone, making it as realistic as the real deal, and is non-porous—great news when it comes to getting all cleaned up!

      Autoblow Compatible Sleeves for the Autoblow 2+ XT Stroking Blowjob Machine

      Autoblow 2 Compatible Vagina Sleeve

      If you’ve gotten your hands on the elusive and very realistic Autoblow 2+ XT Stroking Blowjob Machine, you have the opportunity to change up the way you get off with their arousing Vagina Sleeve.

      Go from messy and delicious blowjobs to full-on penetration within minutes by simply attaching the sleeve over the machine. And just like that, magic! You’ll be in erotic heaven.

      Autoblow 2 Compatible Mouth Sleeve

      Go for a different kind of sensation with the Autoblow 2 Compatible Mouth Sleeve. This sexy, easy-to-use sleeve glides over the Autoblow 2 Blowjob Machine, transforming your blowjob experience.

      Enjoy the best and most realistic blowjob of your life with this mouth sleeve that’s made from full silicone. The real deal, ready and waiting for you! Come again and again, you’re always welcome!