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      As many of you know, “Anal” is still a very taboo subject in some households. Despite public fascination with the topic and the growing acceptance, not everyone feels comfortable talking about anal products. We understand this dilemma, so we’ve created the ultimate line to lift the taboo associated with anal sex. If you have never tried anal play before, the Anal Fantasy Collection will be the perfect way to start.


      Anal Fantasy is a collection of anal-inspired lustrious sex toys from the brand, Pipedream. This company came about in 1973, making them experienced in the art of seduction and pleasure. So when it comes to Anal Fantasy , you can be sure you’re in soft, lucious hands!

      Anal Fantasy also treats its customers to a free five-piece prep kit with every single one of their products. This added generosity only further proves that this sex toy company is all about bringing you your very best anal adventures.

      Explore your most deepest fantasies and enter new realms with Anal Fantasy and their big selection of anal gems.

      What Anal Fantasy Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

      Anal Fantasy have proven to be forerunners in the sex toy scene with their luxury and pleasure-inducing products. Their large array of butt plugs for beginners, intermediate players, and more advanced anal lovers makes them an excellent choice for all.

      Anal Fantasy also offer an impressive list of anal beads, prostate massagers, vibrators, cock rings, strap-ons, sexual wellness accessories, and kits for all kinds of blissful euphoria.

      Anal Fantasy Butt Plug Sex Toys

      Small Butt Plugs

      Do you fancy indulging in anal play, but not sure where to start? Perhaps some anal sex toys appear a little intimidating to you? Anal Fantasy have made sure to design excellent anal toys for beginners that are sleek, easy to use, and small enough to give you just a taste of what this heavenly sexual practice has to offer.

      The Anal Fantasy Small Silicone Plug has a small stature with a tapered end. This is the perfect way to ensure comfort and pleasure. It’s a toy that can be inserted and removed easily, has a smooth exterior, and can be worn all-day for some seriously dreamy anal stimulation. The Anal Fantasy Mini Silicone Plug is equally as suitable for beginners, so take a peek at both to find your muse.

      There’s also the Anal Fantasy Mini Anal Teazer , a butt plug that’s perfectly curvy and petite enough to enter the world of anal pleasure slowly, and the Anal Fantasy Silicone Starter Plug , a soft sex toy that doesn’t penetrate too much—the best way to slowly experiment with anal fun.

      Medium Butt Plugs

      Already tried anal play and looking to enhance the ecstasy? These two medium-sized butt plugs from Anal Fantasy are slightly bigger than the beginner plugs, creating a fuller sensation for even more tantalising adventure.

      The Anal Fantasy Medium Silicone Plug has the same gorgeous design as the small size, but is slightly wider with a bigger insertable length.

      And the Anal Fantasy Rectal Rocket Vibrating Butt Plug offers even more satisfaction with its multi-speed dial, so you can buzz your way into your own kind of thrills and frills.

      Large Butt Plugs

      Bask in absolute bliss with Anal Fantasy and their large butt plugs. They’ve been designed for those who derive sheer pleasure from anal stimulation, and who like to think of themselves as quite the connoisseur when it comes to anal play.

      The Anal Fantasy Mega Silicone Plug is large and in charge, giving you a grand sense of fullness with the stimulation you crave. Its impressive size will take you to new heights while its design has been created with ultimate comfort in mind.

      You’ll also love the Anal Fantasy Large Silicone Plug , which is made from the high quality silicone you’d expect from this range. It’s a gorgeous addition to any kind of foreplay or some sexy solo time fun.

      Remote-Controlled Butt Plugs

      Ready to take full control over your anal adventures? The Anal Fantasy Remote-Controlled Silicone Plug is sleek and pleasure-inducing, accompanied with a remote control, allowing you to take it slow or turn up the heat with ease whenever you fancy. It transcends you into sweet intoxication with its vibration settings, causing euphoric orgasms.

      And don’t forget to check out the Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Plug ! It comes with a suction cup, making it even easier and sexier to use, as well as a remote control, putting you or your partner in charge. Your next best climax all wrapped up in one super elegant-looking pleasure product.

      Anal Fantasy Anal Beads

      Slip into some tantalising anal play with Anal Fantasy and their line of quiver-inducing anal beads.

      The Anal Fantasy Power Beads is the one you’re after if you’re a beginner, starting with a tapered tip allowing for an effortless glide. These vibrating beads are flexible and whisper-quiet while giving you the freedom to design your own pleasure with its multi-speed dial.

      You may also love the Anal Fantasy Elite Power Beads , another winner for beginners, and the Anal Fantasy Beginner’s Power Beads . Feel the smooth body of these toys, and revel in the fluttering vibrations that’ll bring you a surge of excitement and a gorgeous release.

      Then there’s the Anal Fantasy EZ Grip Beads for the more experienced anal enthusiasts. It’s got just enough to give you a sense of fullness, allowing you to experience a wave of arousal. A treat made for those who like to play hard.

      Anal Fantasy Prostate Massager Sex Toys

      Stimulate one of the most powerful orgasm-inducing pleasure spots, the prostate, with Anal Fantasy and their line of prostate massager sex toys.

      Start off small with the Anal Fantasy Classix Prostate Stimulator , a sex toy that not only teases the prostate but also gives you shuddering sensations externally on the perineum. Or the Anal Fantasy 9-Function Prostate Vibe that has a bulbous shaft, sending shivers down your spine as it stimulates your P-spot.

      Last but certainly not least, the Anal Fantasy P Spot Mega Massager is for passionate anal players who want to go above and beyond. It has a textured head for even more stimulation, and increases your pleasure by massaging the perineum at the same time. Sheer magic!

      Anal Fantasy Cock Ring Sex Toys

      Slip into something comfortable and super erotic with a sleek cock ring from Anal Fantasy. Cock rings are the perfect way to enjoy harder and longer erections, ensuring bedroom bliss.

      The Anal Fantay Ass Kicker with Cock Ring is one prime example of an excellent toy for him. This pleasure product is actually a 2-in-1, as it doubles up as a butt plug and a cock ring, both with a rumbling motor to send you to Orgasm Town.

      The Anal Fantasy Ass Gasm Cockring Plug is yet another winner that prolongs ejaculation and graces you with more powerful erections. This cock ring is also a 2-in-1, as you can wear it as an anal toy while allowing the soft silicone to wrap around your cock.

      Anal Fantasy Inflatable Anal Sex Toys

      These inflatable anal sex toys from Anal Fantasy allow you to start off slowly, then work your way up to more powerful stimulation, resulting in intense climaxes.

      Check out the Anal Fantasy Inflatable P-Spot Massager . A toy that puts you in control by inflating or deflating as your heart desires to feel all different kinds of stimulation. And while this product is marketed for prostate pleasure, it can also be used vaginally, making it a unisex treasure.

      Or perhaps you’ll fancy the Anal Fantasy Inflatable Silicone Plug ? It’s a smooth and tapered toy that feels soft and works like magic. Use the pump to increase or decrease your sense of fullness, and reap all the benefits that you crave.

      Anal Fantasy Strap-On Sex Toys

      Say hello to a new kind of pegging pleasure with Anal Fantasy The Pegger . It’s been created with beginners in mind, and comes with a slim dildo, allowing for slow and seductive thrusts. The nylon straps are flexible thus comfortable for almost all sizes, and allows your toy to stay in place beautifully.

      We also love the Anal Fantasy Double Trouble Double Penetrator Strap-On , which is great for those trying anal play for the first time. It’s a cock ring and a life-like dildo in one, curated for some seriously sexy trysts.

      Anal Fantasy Sex Toy Kits

      Why settle for one product when you could have multiple? And Anal Fantasy have a sassy collection of toy kits for anyone looking for a new kind of thrill.

      The Anal Fantasy Anal Party Pack is a 3-piece set, paving the way for intensely pleasurable anal adventures, while the Anal Fantasy Anal Adventure Kit is for those who are newbies to anal fun.

      You might also love the Anal Fantasy Deluxe Fantasy Kit , which is a 6-piece set containing everything you need for unique and diverse anal stimulation. Or the Anal Fantasy Beginners Bead Kit , a 3-piece anal beads set which is dedicated to bringing you sheer bliss.

      Anal Fantasy Sexual Wellness Products

      For those added extras that’ll enhance your play time, Anal Fantasy has a number of sexual wellness products.

      Slide into glory with the Anal Fantasy Anal Moist Personal Lube Applicators , or the Anal Fantasy Anal Eaze Personal Lube Applicators , two products that help you insert the right amount of lube with ease.

      And don’t forget to check out the Anal Fantasy EZ Clean Enema , your helping hand in preparing for an anal experience you’ll absolutely love!