What’s the Buzz? The Fun Factory Collection: An Extensive Review

What’s the Buzz? The Fun Factory Collection: An Extensive Review

There’s a reason why this sex toy manufacturer is called ‘Fun Factory’, if you catch the drift? And quite honestly, their products are to die for! 

They hail from Germany, and since 1996, they’ve been rocking the worlds of both men and women in and out of the sheets! And for that reason, we’re going to be paying them a well-deserved tribute!

So, herewith, you’ll find several Fun Factory sex toy reviews so that you too can increase your sexy time!


Fun Factory Sex Toys for Women

Volta by Fun Factory


With a fluttering tip that teases the clitoris and vulva using its powerful motor, Volta is a toy that helps women get off better than before by stimulating blood flow and increasing sensitivity. 
It’s a waterproof and body-safe toy, that has back-lit buttons, making it a heck of a lot easier to play with those different vibration settings with ease.

Stronic Surf by Fun Factory


Hit that g-spot with the Stronic sex toy from Fun Factory that ripples and stimulates your hotspots. And because of this rippling effect, you’ll be able to stimulate the front and back walls of the vagina, as well as the area rich in nerve endings… the perineal sponge! 
We recommend this toy for women who don’t quite enjoy the feeling of ridges but crave a more subtle yet powerful wave of pleasure. It’s also hands-free, so you can really go to O-Town with this one!

Fun Factory Sex Toys for Men

Mantal Male Massager by Fun Factory


This vibrating stroker does its job perfectly while containing lube in its ridges and loops for better and smoother glides. Using one of these bad boys means having the ability to enhance your masturbation sessions using vibrations, and it can also be worn by him during partnered sex or oral! 
Love the feeling of deepthroating? Yep, this sex toy for him can add that extra bit of fun whether you’re solo or with your partner!

Cobra Libre 2 Male Massager by Fun Factory


Tantalize the tip with the Cobra Libre 2! This sex toy for him massages the tip of the penis using various different vibration settings. What’s even better is the fact that you don’t have to move it back and forth yourself to enjoy this contraption. 
It comes with two powerful motors, is 100 percent waterproof, and pleasures the most sensitive part, the glans. It’s also made of soft silicone, creating a comfortable and luxurious feel. Take it wherever you feel like enjoying your very best climax!

Fun Factory Sex Toys for Couples

SHAREVIBE by Fun Factory


The SHAREVIBE by Fun Factory is a strapless “strap-on” that’s worn by her as an extension of her body. It comes with a five-speed vibrator in its base and a luxury bullet that can be worn internally or used for external pleasure.
The fun thing about the SHAREVIBE is that it creates pleasure for both the active and the passive partner while moving and adapting according to the sex position. The short end of the toy is inserted into the active partner, vaginally, and the shaft is inserted into the passive partner while being held in place by the active partner’s pelvic muscles. 
This strapless strap-on is the perfect way to enjoy skin-to-skin pleasure with your partner, which wouldn’t be possible with a regular strap-on.

Sold? Of course, you are! Fun Factory is not only luxurious and high-quality sex toys, but they’re also extremely versatile. 

They’ve succeeded in creating pleasure products for everybody, whether you’re keen to go solo, heterosexual, or same-sex. Crank up your sex life with one of these toys for an exceptionally delectable, pleasurable, and wild ride.


Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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