What Does Your Sex Dream Mean? Most Common Scenarios Analysed

What Does Your Sex Dream Mean? Most Common Scenarios Analysed

Don’t you just love waking up after a pleasant dream? It allows us to open our eyes with a smile, and it gets the day started on a positive note—especially if it was a hot and steamy sex dream! But had you ever wondered what that sex dream meant?

Dreaming, regardless of its content, has been said to occur as a means to reflect on our waking life, or as a means for our minds to work through difficult experiences or thoughts. 

Other scientists believe that dreams happen in order to protect ourselves from danger and challenges, or simply due to a biochemical reaction that happens during sleep.

Frankly, there are dozens of theories about why we dream, but let’s find out why we dream what we dream… 

According to Dr. Keith M.T. Hearne, a psychologist and dream expert, here are seven sex dream scenarios and what they mean.

1. Being Cheated On

Interestingly, our subconscious is very in-tune with the outside world, and can pick up a number of subtle hints. So if you are dreaming of your partner cheating on you, it could actually be an indication that they are, in fact, cheating. 

Alternatively, it could mean that you have a few trust issues in the relationship.

2. Nude in Public

When you think about being nude in public, a feeling that you may get is that of embarrassment or shame. So when you are dreaming about being naked in a public space, it could be your subconscious making you aware that you have done something in your conscious life to make you feel bad, such as unacceptable social behaviour. 

On the other hand, if you wake up with a good feeling about your naked dream, it could symbolise freedom.

3. Sex with Your Ex

Dreaming about sex with your ex is your way of forgetting about the bad and remembering all of the emotional, physical, and psychological memories that you two once shared. 

It’s the subconscious recalling the initial sexual attraction, and could indicate sexual frustration. 

4. Sex with Someone of the Same Sex

If you find yourself being intimate with someone of the same sex in a dream, that person could very well be a representative of you. 

And depending on the context, it can reveal that you may be too self-centered, or that you need to begin loving and trusting yourself more. 

5. Public Sex

Whether you love or hate the idea of having sex in public, dreams of this nature often let us know that we’re giving off attention-seeking behaviour, and that perhaps we’re looking to cause the ‘shock’ factor. 

In your conscious life, you might be under social scrutiny because of something you said or did.

6. Hate Sex

Dreaming about sex with someone you actively dislike can have a different meaning, depending on how the dream was experienced. 

For example, what was your role in the dream? Were you active or passive? Being active could have a successful connotation, while being passive might be a way in which to relive the animosity between you and that person.

7. Sex with a Co-Worker

The chances of having a sex dream about a co-worker is highly likely because we usually dream about things that are happening in our daily lives. And when you spend up to nine hours or more a day with someone, it’s fairly normal for them to be in your dream. 

This, coupled with the biological aspects that occur during sleep (erections for men, and a swollen clitoris for women), a sex dream could then be experienced.

Have you found the answers you were looking for? Sex dreams are a normal occurrence, and while you may feel slightly weird or awkward because of them, they’re a safe space so there is no need to feel embarrassed or afraid. 

And, as mentioned, oftentimes these dreams have nothing to do with the person in your sex dream but rather a way for you to uncover or realise something about yourself! Pretty neat, right?

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Sweet dreams…

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Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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