Wet and wild - try the JO hybrid lubricant

Wet and wild - try the JO hybrid lubricant


When it comes to sexual activity, the adage “the wetter the better” really applies. Many people, especially women, find sexual acts to be painful or uncomfortable or otherwise non-pleasurable; and the problem is almost always related to one of a few issues- the first being, insufficient lubrication for the desired act. Relying on natural moisture prior to insertion of anything - a tongue, a penis, a finger, a hand, a toy, you get the idea - is not always reliable. The truth is, being dehydrated can dry you out everywhere. Your menstrual cycle can dry you out. Having a stressful day at work, being perimenopausal, washing with soap… all of these things can negatively affect vaginal and anal wetness, and are nobody’s ‘fault.’ Wetness, “glideability,” lack of friction - all of these are known to greatly enhance the stimulation of nerves and pleasure receptors in the body’s most intimate places.

Thus, the sexual lubricant market has been created to address the needs and desires for comfort, enhancement, fulfilment, physical safety, and even reproductive action of each person’s individual body, application, and life stage. Some lubes are made to replicate natural chemistry, for sensitive users. Others are silicone-based and provide greater slickness. Others are water-based and easier to clean up from. All should indicate whether or not they are compatible with latex condoms - vitally important, as some lubes can degrade a condom and negate its protective function. With so many choices out there, making a selection can seem daunting. That is where we come in with a recommendation: the JO hybrid lubricant.

This lubricant combines the best of both the water-based and silicone lubricant worlds. It has relatively no taste (although a few extra sensitive users do note a slightly bitter flavour) is compatible with condoms, of which we recommend the new LELO Hex Respect, bigger than before with all the same amazing advantages. It’s designed to be even more resistant and stronger, while allowing more feeling through the materials. Hex condoms have a hexagon print on them, which allows for a better grip and more sensitivity. Some said the original Hex were too small, so here comes Respect.

As for water-based lubricants, this one does not get sticky or dry out with extended play like others.  Unlike other silicone based lubricants, this one does not leave the user feeling greasy - and it is thicker in consistency than most silicone lubes, making it especially adept for anal play. Some lubes on the market work well with one type of toy, but not for others - this one is an exception. Its performance is similar for glass, plastic, silicone, skin, replicating  latex, and naturally surfaced items.

If you are an aficionado of only water or only silicone based lubes, this may not be the right lube for you. If you are extremely sensitive to taste, this may not be the lube for you. If you are looking for a lube with a special enhancement feature, such as warming or flavoured, this is not the lube for you. There are a variety of flavoured options, like Cherry Burst by JO, and fourteen others to sample. These are water-based lubricants but feel just as smooth as those made with silicone. If you are interested in a warming lube, try JO For Women Warming Lube. Water-based and moisturising, it mimics the natural fluids of the woman’s body, for an all natural feeling.

If you are looking for a general all-around lubricant for most forms of sexual play, that is latex compatible, and will not interfere if you are trying to conceive, nor weaken contraceptive use if you are not ; and/or are looking to refine your tastes and needs, the JO hybrid lubricant may just be the perfect product you are looking for.  A little of this product goes a long way. If you have not enjoyed a sexual activity but think you might have with the right amount of preparation and wetness, we recommend you give this one a try.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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