Uberlube: The King and Queen of Lubrication?

Uberlube: The King and Queen of Lubrication?

Being in the sex toy industry, we’ve definitely done our research when it comes to the best, safest, and most tantalising products. But when it comes to Uberlube, even the average Joe will find a slew of positive reviews and information regarding this lubrication. It simply is that good!

Naturally, we just had to have this product on our website! And so we are proud to introduce to you: Uberlube! A sexual aid that’s all about: “Excitement. Intimacy. Anticipation. Contentment.”

What makes this lube stand out from the crowd? Besides its sleek and luxury bottle design, there are so many reasons why we love this lube...

Uberlube: The Sensation

Uberlube, a silicone lubricant, was made in such a way that sensation is transferred while reducing friction. It’s one of those products that can keep up with the best of them by continuing to feel silky throughout your play time. 

Then, when it’s time to take a break, this lube starts to dissipate, creating a moisturising effect on the skin. Say goodbye to wet, sticky, or oily after effects of sub-par lube!

Uberlube is also scent and colour-free, and works effortlessly in water. Fancy a bit of pool, bath, or shower play? Yeah, Uberlube has your back (and your front).

Uberlube: The Ingredients

Uberlube is made with only four ingredients:

  1. Dimethicone
  2. Dimethiconol
  3. Cyclomethicone
  4. Tocopheryl acetate

This means that it’s glycerine and paraben-free, making it an excellent choice for those prone to yeast infections and UTIs. 

It also means that Uberlube has embraced minimalism on non-essential and harmful ingredients whilst giving its consumers the maximum benefits of the product. 

Uberlube is made from the highest-grade medical quality silicone, not industrial grade silicone, which makes a big difference. 

Additionaly, Uberlube is latex safe, so it can be used with latex condoms and dental dams. It can also be used with non-silicone sex toys.

Uberlube Plays Nice!

This silicone lube pairs perfectly with:

Glass massagers



Glass Dildos such as Pipedream’s Icicles No. 69


Glass Anal Plugs such as New Sensations Novelties Crystal Anal Trainer Kit


Metal massagers



Stainless Steel Dildos like Le Wand’s Hoop


Metal Anal Plugs like Njoy’s Stainless Steel Anal Plug


Also with our favourite, Svakom’s Echoa pleasure product that fits in the palm of your hand.

Uberlube: It’s Multifaceted!

While using lube for sexual purposes holds a special place in our heart, Uberlube has basically given us heart palpitations! This is because it’s actually formulated with multipurpose in mind. Now, you can have your cake and eat it!

Uberlube can also be used as:

  • hair serum
  • makeup primer
  • massage oil
  • moisturizer
  • shoe polish

When it comes to styling, this product can tame and reduce frizz, condition the ends of hair, and detangle those stubborn knots. 

Uberlube has also been said to help sport lovers! Athletes love it because of its anti-chafe effect, and swimmers love it because it works as a chlorine blocker and hair conditioner.

Uberlube: The Philosophy

The creators of Uberlube designed their product with sex in mind, yes, but they also wanted to design a product that was free of harmful chemicals, and that was multipurpose. 

The creator, Steven Magnusen, said, “If you can’t put it IN your body, why would you put it ON your body?” which is essentially why this product has been formulated so that it is safe to use internally and externally. 

Uberlube: Additional Pros

If you need a little more convincing, Uberlube is as practical as it is purposeful. They have a Good-to-Go Traveler which is Uberlube in a compact, discrete metal case. 

So whether you’re using this lube for after dark adventures, sports, or even at a salon, it can be transported easily. Plus, the container is refillable. The refillable cartridges don’t have the company’s logo on it, making it even more discrete.

Alternatively, if your sex toy requires or suggests that you use a water-based lube, we also love: 

Regardless of which lube you choose, the products mentioned above are luxury items recommended for those who fancy an extra glide in their stride. 



Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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