The Truth About Blue Balls

The Truth About Blue Balls


Hey men, have you ever felt like you can't get off often enough? Whether you aren't very sexually active or your drive is through the roof, it causes blue balls, an uncomfortable soreness in the testicles that can last for awhile if you don't come often enough. Every man has dealt with it and no one deserves that discomfort! But it can seem unavoidable sometimes especially if you lead an active life and don't have a regular partner. Here are a few products that can help you avoid the feared dusty-hued testicles:

The Cobra Libre 2 Male Massageris a vibrating toy for men. It focuses on the tip of the penis, including a soft silicone inside for the most comfort. This massager is also handheld, so the only thing you need to do is sit back and relax with vibrations as gentle or intense as you prefer. The Cobre Libre is the massager for anyone who wants something quiet and the option of intensity.

If you are looking for an easy to clean tot with an adjustable tightness, the TENGA Reusable Vacuum Cupis the toy for you. This toy has 3 different versions with different inside structures and durability. You can choose Gentle (white), Regular (red), or Strong (black); their differences are the tightness, ridge depths, and ridge patterns. These toys also have a removable sleeve, making them super-easy to clean and put back together. Buy your perfect fit or all of them, and play with the different strengths!

The Apollo Hydro Power Strokeris an intense toy designed to feel like being deep-throated. It's easy to turn on with just a push of a button and can be placed just about anywhere if you choose to use the included suction cup base. You can even use it in the shower as this toy is fully waterproof. The suction cup base is also able to swivel so you can push into the toy and move around. This toy has 30 vibration patterns and intensities so the user can experiment to the highest form and receive the exact pleasure they want.

Some other masturbators promise a big delivery but the package barely moves at all. Not the case with the Roto-Bator, designed to move up and down but also rotate. It squeezes around your most sensitive areas and has a texture on the inside to gently tease the whole penis. The Roto-Bator contains 9 different exciting patterns; you can automatically cycle through each one of them or reverse your favorite pattern for extra satisfaction. It's perfect for someone who wants intensity with no effort!

Blue balls are the bane of every man's existence but they're easy to avoid. Masturbation works fine but also desensitizes you if you do it to often, so check out these toys to take the edge off. If you have other solo male toys you like to use, tell us in the comments!

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