The Products We Refuse to Live Without

The Products We Refuse to Live Without


Trust us when we tell you that there are a LOT of sex toys and products on the market - what might seem overwhelming when browsing our selection of fine products is even more intimidating for us because we pick the best of the best from thousands of offerings. So it’s a tough decision for you when you start looking through the catalog and find fifty different dildos and more massagers, anal beads and rings, oh my! If you don’t know where to start, relax a bit and let us tell you about just a few of the products that stand apart for us! These are bare essentials that might seem like minimalist supplies for some but are guaranteed to rock your world for all.

There’s nothing more essential than a massager! It might feel like a basic, but every toy enthusiast and most single-toy owners opt for one...and many enthusiasts have a collection of them! It can be used in a variety of situations, from vanilla solo or partner sex, to BDSM and exhibitionism. The Le Wand Massager is a particular favourite in particular; every new version is better than the previous already great one so after a few years you may find yourself with several. The current version has deep vibrations and a flexible neck. It’s cordless so it will follow wherever you lead, for whatever situation you want to create in whatever room or ambiance. Our favourite part is the texture cover which adds a little more fun and variety. Wands of any kind are perfect for so many uses and can be at home, on the go, solo or with a partner or a few.

From the sex toy that everyone has to the sex toys many are a little intimidated by, believe us that if you haven’t tried butt plugs yet, you’re missing out, and even if you’re timid to share the info you should check them out. Glass toys are pretty special too; they can be heated or cooled as you wish and there’s a material hardness and smooth texture that can’t be easily imitated. So imagine the hybrid - that’s right, a GLASS butt plug! No give, so sounds a little scary, right? Go slow, and we promise it won’t be. The Icicles No.26 plug is the way to go! The glass is solid to prevent damage, and the nonporous texture makes it super easy and hygienic to clean up. Place the plug in a bowl of hot or cold water and you’ll find that it matches and holds that temperature for some time. This can be incorporated into quite a few fetishes outside of heat play, and it’s a good niche for your growing collection! If this one is too basic for you, check out the rest of the Icicles catalog - there’s a wide variety and you’ll find something to fit your desires.

The best sex is safe sex, and lubricants help prevent damage to either party and add pleasure to all involved. If you plan on buying that plug above, you'll definitely need this! This JO Hybrid Lube is pretty cool, as it is a cross between water based and silicone based lubes. Essentially, you have the silkiness of a silicone lubricant but the easy wash off of a water-based. Lubricants really make a difference in your sexual experiences, so you should feel open to trying a variety!
Last but not least, we have a toy cleaner. What fun is that? Well, it’s more for after the fun, and for making sure the fun doesn’t turn into infectious misery. Upkeep of your toys is essential, and they can be breeding grounds for bacterias you don't want in your body, and the build-up over time can cause damage to your toys, sometimes rendering them useless. Clean up is a snap with The Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner. Simply spray down the toy and then wipe it off, then rinse in water. It takes about one minute depending on your toy. This is also a super great cleaner after silicone based lubes have been used, which are notorious for leaving tacky residues. The spray will get into every nook and cranny, and keep your toys in their cleanest state.

These are the foundations of your wild encounters, and should be in every toy box. You will use them more than you realise! What toys can you not live without?

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Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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