The Must Have Clitoral Massager

The Must Have Clitoral Massager

One of the main reasons that some women have a difficult time achieving orgasm during sex is purely physiological - the distance from the clitoris to the vaginal opening is greater in some women than for others, and many women require a degree of clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm. And not all of us have arms long enough to reach over in all positions and do the job manually, either. A perfect solution to try during solo, or during sex with your partner (or partners, hey, whatever floats your boat, right?) is a good clitoral massager that can be used either with or without penetration.

A clitoral massager is contoured to do exactly what is says it is going to do- massage the clitoris and the region around it. There are dozens of designs on the market, each with its pros and cons. One that we particularly like is the Touch 2 Intimate massager by We Vibe. Its tapered, almost tongue-like design is the ideal shape for great external clitoral stimulation, and can be used to either broadly cover the clitoral hood and extension, or investigate the area at the base and around. It is made from soft, squishy material that reduces the tendency to hurt after prolonged use, as a plastic vibe might. It is a good hand-held size with a firm grip, and is 100% waterproof - you can take it into the bath with you and treat yourself after a long day. The shape makes it great for internal vaginal, clitoral, anal, g-spot, u-spot, and a-spot play, too, as well as for the nipples and anything else you might like to use it on - including a partner’s testes or perineum.

Our clitorises are very sensitive spots on our body, with 3x the nerve endings as the head of a penis. Many women find overstimulation, especially after penetration or extended play, to be a problem. One of the very nice features of this massager is that it has 8 different settings that you can adjust and change to suit your body, mood, and sensitivity. We encourage you try it especially in positions where you are facing away from your partner, where there is usually little or no clitoral stimulation - to enhance the experience for both you and your partner. Or try it as a companion to oral sex - either male or female. It is an extremely quiet product that is not likely to embarrass you if you use it in hotels or in a place with housemates.

Touch 2, like almost any other sex toy, is made a lot more fun when paired with other products. Many women have issues naturally lubricating to the wanted extent. We suggest the WeVibe Water Based Lube to pair with Touch 2, to make the experience all the more pleasurable. This formula is designed to be safe for all WeVibe products and has the added benefit of moisturization, not just lubrication. Don’t let your partner feel left out though, if you are both looking to have an enhanced session then he should consider the Cobra Libre 2. This toy is a massager for the head of the penis, with a smooth and velvety interior that is a snap to clean up after use. Best of all, this toy does not need to be moved up and down on the penis, meaning he can still focus on you. Or, you could go in the direction of using the toy during penetrative sex. The Adonis Silicone Ring Caesar is a silicone penis ring, which adds to the male stamina while also adding to their orgasms strength. The ring is inexpensive but makes play time all the more fun for both partners.

The vibe is made to be rechargeable, and comes with a standard USB port. It lasts 2 hours per charge - plenty of time for most applications. However this can be limited time for some, especially during travel. A limiting factor for consideration is that the nature of the silicone shell makes it only usable with water based lubes - others can damage it. So go ahead and stock up on our great water-based lubes, lay back, and enjoy enjoy enjoy. My experience with this type of massager is that it is very conducive to creating a wet female ejaculation type orgasm- thus, keep this in mind for your sheets and your partner’s comfort level. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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