What is the difference between the Womanizer Premium 2, Classic 2 and Liberty?

What is the difference between the Womanizer Premium 2, Classic 2 and Liberty?

Fun fact; Womanizer was founded in 2014, and since have brought thousands of vulva owners in over 60 countries worldwide to intense orgasm. 

Their main focus is clitoral stimulation, offering toys that don’t overstimulate but rather, tickle and tease at different levels of intensities so that you can simply thrive in your sexuality. Basically, orgasms are their business!

So if you’re looking to go on a whirlwind of lustful adventure coupled with gorgeous clitoral stimulation, then choosing a Womanizer clitoral suction vibrator will be your most delectable treat yet. This sex toy brand uses their exclusive Pleasure Air Technology, which pulsates and massages the clitoris sensually and seductively, to get vulva-owners to their very best climax. 

Womanizer is a brand that has tapped into the fact that the clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, making it a hot spot for orgasmic potential. They’ve produced luxurious clit suction toys that titaliate this erogenous zone so that its users are comfortable but also entirely aroused. 

They believe that solo sex is the ultimate form of self-care and self-love, which is why they openly promote masturbation and the celebration of one’s body. 

Are you ready to join the sexual revolution with Womanizer? Let’s take a little stroll through three of their best selling clitoral suction vibrators and take a peek into the Womanizer Premium, Classic, and Liberty, all of which are deliciously erotic yet different in their own unique ways.

Main Features of the Womanizer Premium

The Womanizer Premium 2 has two oval silicone mouths, so you can change it according to your needs and desires. These two heads are different-sized, both waterproof and rechargeable. It has 14 speeds that focus more on the lower ends of the intensity spectrum, but its strongest intensities definitely pack a punch. 

Basically, whatever kind of stimulation you’re after, you’ll be gifted with it when you use a Womanizer Premium 2. In fact, you’ll feel the rumbly and delicious sensations on your sweet spot more so than any other Womanizer clit suction toy. 

This pleasure product also has an Autopilot mode, which goes from slow and steady to a gush of lusciousness on a loop, and it has Smart Silence.

Womanizer Premium 2

The main features of the Womanizer Premium include:

  • Pleasure Air Technology that can stimulate the clitoris even without direct contact
  • Autopilot mode, a custom-adjusted intensity function
  • Smart Silence, only turning on when it’s close to your skin
  • IPX7 waterproof capabilities
  • 14 intensity levels
  • A slim design for ultimate comfort in your hand
  • an extra stimulation head
  • Magnetic pin USB charging port

Main Features of the Womanizer Classic

The Womanizer Classic 2 is a beautifully-designed clit suction toy that has eight intensities. These intensities allow you to slowly build up to strong stimulation at your own pace. 

It has a slightly smaller head than the others, which makes for a tighter fit, and is more compact. For that reason, if your clitoris is no longer than one inch, then the Womanizer Classic 2 will envelope this beautiful part of the anatomy, and take you to a brand new world of lust.

This raunchy Womanizer spoils its users with rumbly purrs, is quiet, waterproof, and rechargeable. In other words, it definitely lives up to its name and is a true classic for those who seek uninhibited sexual release and ultimate satisfaction.

Womanizer Classic 2

The main features of the Womanizer Classic include:

  • Pleasure Air Technology that can stimulate the clitoris even without direct contact
  • Silent mode
  • Soft Touch Finish
  • Afterglow
  • IPX7 waterproof capabilities
  • 10 intensity levels
  • An extra stimulation head
  • Magnetic pin USB charging port

Main Features of the Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty is a petite firecracker that’s perfect for on-the-go pleasure seekers. But it’s not just its size that makes it an amazing toy for your travel adventures! It also has a magnetic cover that covers the buttons, so no accidental turn-ons. This is also great because it prevents lint or dirt from entering the nozzle during storage. 

But even if you aren’t traveling, there’s still a few lustful reasons to get your hands on this erotic pleasure product. It has six intensities, is waterproof, charges magnetically, and is actually perfect for adventurers who are starting off with either clit suction toys or Womanizer toys.

Also, don’t forget to check out Lily Allen’s special edition Womanizer Liberty that’s bursting with vibrant colour and is where the hashtag, #IMASTURBATE, comes from.

Womanizer Liberty

The main features of the Womanizer Liberty include:

  • Pleasure Air Technology that can stimulate the clitoris even without direct contact
  • A travel cover that keeps it hygienically clean and ready for adventure
  • A modest and inconspicuous design 
  • IPX7 waterproof capabilities
  • 6 intensity levels
  • An extra stimulation head
  • Magnetic pin USB charging port

Key Differences Between the Womanizer Premium, Classic and Liberty

While all three of these Womanizer sex toys are unique and seductive in their own way, they do have a few key differences between them. And knowing these differences will help you to make an informed choice on which one to enjoy. After all, self-pleasure is a basic need, not a luxury!

So, without beating around the bush, it’s fair to say that the Womanizer Premium is the best of the best. It has all of the functions, frills and thrills that you’ve come to love (or may soon enjoy) from the other Womanizer clit suction toys, but also has a few extra sultry add-ons that make it, well, premium.

For starters, the Womanizer Premium has the Autopilot mode, which means that you can take it for an incredible ride filled with surprise, as it custom-adjusts in intensity. If you’re all about the element of the unknown, then you can simply sit back and allow this pleasure product to tease and seduce you without lifting a finger. The Womanizer Premium also has Smart Silence, which makes it even quieter than the other two Womanizer products. Last but certainly not least, it has an incredible 14 intensity levels, which is more than the Classic and the Liberty. That gives you more freedom to find your very best level of stimulation. 

The Womanizer Liberty is gorgeous in its own right. What makes the Liberty the star of the show is that it’s been created with just the right functions and in the perfect size to enjoy whilst on-the-go. This clitoral suction toy is petite, and has a cover up function so you won’t accidentally hear any buzzing or rumbles at the most inappropriate times. This cover feature makes it easier to keep clean and hygienic too, which is a double win. This travel-friendly Womanizer is just as sexy to use if you’re spending the night in however. With its six intensity levels and waterproof capabilities, you can make a splash and enjoy it whenever, wherever. 

The Womanizer Classic is one of those sex toys we think every vulva owner deserves to own. It’s called ‘Classic’ for a reason, meaning that it’s a trusted, handy, and provocative pleasure product that you can always rely on to give you a sexy hand. Its eight intensity levels means that it’s somewhere in the middle of the spectrum in comparison to the Premium and the Liberty, but has all the good vibes to get you where you’d like to go. One noticeable difference is that the Womanizer Classic has a smaller head, which makes it perfect for those who have a shorter clitoris.

How to Decide which Product is for You?

The thing about the Womanizer Premium, Classic, and Liberty is that they’re all noticeably different with unique functions whilst keeping their core goal of ultimate clitoris pleasure. Unlike most other sex toys who simply update their toys, these three clit stimulators have been made with certain situations and people in mind. So, how do you decide which Womanizer product is for you?

If you’re a beginner in the world of sex toys, we suggest going for the Womanizer Classic. Just like that little black dress, it’s almost a staple for sex toy enthusiasts. It’s a pleasure product that’s not too complicated, has an elegant and easy-to-use design, and has just enough levels of stimulation to experiment. Even so, you’ll be treated to Womanizer’s exclusive Pleasure Air Technology and its waterproof capabilities, which makes this Classic… an absolute classic.

If you’re an adventurer or find yourself traveling fairly often, we recommend the Womanizer Liberty. This is because it’s actually been made with travel in mind. With its enclosed case, you can pop it into your handbag or travel suitcase, or even have it pressed against other items, and it won’t turn on by accident. Not just that, but its small size and its inconspicuous design allows you to take it with you wherever you go without a care in the world. With six levels of intensity, you can get yourself to that moment of sexual bliss easily and effortlessly, no matter where you are.

And then, if you’re after the finer things in life, the Womanizer Premium has your name written all over it. It has functions that you won’t find in the Classic or the Liberty, and has additional levels of stimulation (14, to be exact). This means that you have even more agency to explore your sexuality, feeling new and different waves of bliss. This may lead to you perhaps finding yourself in even bigger clouds of lustful climax than ever before. Another perk to the Womanizer Premium is that it can get you all riled up whilst on Autopilot mode. No need to fumble with buttons to change things up! This sex toy will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to live out your most divine sexual experience with the added benefit of surprise. 

Then of course, if you’re intrigued to learn more about the rest of the Womanizer range, you could take a gander at their other pleasure products. From bullet vibes, lipstick-lookalike vibes, and other clitoral suction toys, there’s something special that’ll make you feel like a million bucks, guaranteed.

Womanizer too has a dual stimulation vibrator, the Womanizer DUO, which is the perfect combination of powerful clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Adorned with Pleasure Air Technology, Smart Silence, IPX7 waterproof capabilities, and 12 levels of intensity, you’ll experience blended orgasms with sheer delight. 

Whatever you desire, Womanizer is behind you 100 percent of the way, giving vulva owners something special and erotic to treat themselves with. Whether you’re a sex toy beginner or a regular admirer and user of pleasure products, owning one or more Womanizer toys is always a good idea!

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