Sync By We-Vibe Review

Sync By We-Vibe Review


Looking for one sex toy you and your partner can both enjoy? What if I told you there’s one you can both use at the same time that will rock both your worlds? Sex toys often focus on only partner or are cumbersome for two, but today I’m introducing you to the
Sync Couples Vibrator by We-Vibe. Known for being a high quality sex toy brand, We-Vibe is always advancing and pushing the  limits, the first to incorporate technologies into their products. We were all impressed when they created a toy that allowed couples to connect through an app and control  one another’s sex toys despite possibly being on different sides of the world. But they’re innovators in comfort too. You won’t want to wait to pick this toy up - high-tech for partners, not just singletons, and pioneering in comfort and ease of use.

Sync by We-Vibe is a vibrating couples massager, designed to be worn in the vagina with a second piece that massages the clitoris from the outside. This toy is unique as it actually has two adjustment points in the toy, allowing you to move it for a better fit and a better grip. Sync can be controlled by other partner through an easy to control, comfortable to hold remote or via the We-Vibe app. The remote can control the toy from up to three meters away, so your partner can make you orgasm while passively watching from across the room! The top area of the internal piece is slim, and can be used internally even during sex with the penis inside. The toy has a textured surface designed to rub against the G-spot. The lower part is larger and smooth, so the male partner is able to enjoy the vibrations too without rubbing against the texture. The most sensitive and pleasing areas are being stimulated with pressure and vibration customised to your body.

The toy is designed to work with the motion of sex, so during intercourse the toy and movement are in sync. It will move just enough for more rubbing stimulation but fits enough that it is not moved out of place. The pressure the penis puts against it also pushes it up onto the G-spot more, adding even more intensity! If not together physically, by connecting through the app your partner can still pleasure you, even when in totally different locations. Put the toy and app in “Touch” mode and they will be able to choose certain vibrations and speeds for you! On the other hand, you can use We-Vibe’s famous “Beat Mode”, where your toy syncs up with your favourite music. The toy can be used by itself for a masturbation session, and controlled by just a few clicks of the remote. It’s perfect for couples who want their intimacy to be brought to different levels! Whether you are both looking to bring more pleasure or just to experiment, the Sync does not fail.

Article by Sara at Joujou

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