Sex Tips for Temperature Play - Using Heated or Cooled Toys

Sex Tips for Temperature Play - Using Heated or Cooled Toys


Temperature play is the hottest new (cool) thing, and you don't need fancy equipment to start! Temperature play is the use of items and adult toys that are heated or cooled before being placed on (or in) the body. Anyone can enjoy this type of stimuli and they will find it uniquely pleasing. Many objects used in temperature play may be foods, rocks, dishware, and even the natural outdoors. If you're looking for a reliable and always safe toy though, there are plenty of options. Temperature play has a huge variety of acceptable toys, so you can try a cooled dildo combined with a heated butt plug. Don’t forget to experiment.

Ben Wa balls are one of the best adult toys out there, and now you can make using them even more fun. If you are the type to find them boring or lacking in stimuli, the Jaded Glass Ben Wa Balls are perfect! They are made of solid smooth glass, making them resistant to heat. You can place them in cold or hot water to adjust the temperature, then use them for a workout. To make things interesting, you could always try heating one up and cooling the other down, then using them in different positions. The temperatures may also cause you to workout a little harder, leading to more benefits.

Dildos don't have to be boring! The Icicles No 24 is a hand blown glass massager, with stimulating beads and a handle for easy use. On the underside it includes ridges. It is also solid glass, and easy to adjust the temperature to your own wants. Icicles also makes a large variety of other glass toys that are just as acceptable for temperature play. Simply take your toy, let it sit in water or another heating method, and get down to business.

If you want to experience temperature play in a more subtle but just as wonderful way, you should try a Steel Butt Plug. Not only will you experience the different sensations of temperature play, as well as the general benefits of a butt plug, but the weight of the plug will add to the stimulation too. Simply apply some lube before hand, adjust the temperature, and go for it. Don’t be afraid to pair it with some other temperature toys.

Want to try something a little different? This I Want You Now Ring is a steel, engraved “love ring”. This is a great way to stimulate him, but it will pleasure the woman too as she moves against it. The ring is also designed to keep his erection lasting longer with stronger orgasms. Even once it starts returning to regular temperature the benefits continue, all night in fact.

You could easily use at least three of these toys at once, though that might be excessive - but it shouldn’t stop you from trying out every single one. Temperature play is a really unique sensation, and doesn’t need to be done with just sex toys, though it’s certainly one of the safest ways for beginners and always guaranteed to make a good time. Remember to pair your toys with a little bit of lubricant, you won’t need much given the smooth steel/glass, but it is needed to start out with.

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