Running Hot and Cold: The Ins and Outs of Temperature Play

Running Hot and Cold: The Ins and Outs of Temperature Play

Whether you like your days hot or cold is irrelevant when turning up (or down) the heat in the bedroom (aka temperature play). This form of playtime is something fairly common within the BDSM community but is actually something that all kinds of couples can enjoy. 

This is because it’s not too invasive, and can be done at a slow pace to gauge whether you like it or not. If you identify as kind of vanilla but are interested in bringing some kink into your playtime, temperature play may just be the perfect way in which to do so.

What is Temperature Play?

Temperature play is when things that are either hot or cold are used to increase sexual stimulation

By doing this, neuroreceptors under the skin create a sensual reaction, adding bouts of pleasure to any sexy time adventure. 

What Do People Use During Temperature Play?

There are a ton of different things you can use to introduce temperature play into your playtime. It all depends on which kind of temperature play you’re after. For example:

Like it Hot? Candle/Wax Play!

Imagine a slew of intense but pleasurable sensations tingling your body. That is essentially what you can look forward to when it comes to candle/wax play. 

But before you run rampant, remember that safety is of the utmost importance. This is something that warrants special precautions so that it can and will be only a pleasant experience. 

One way to ensure safety is to have a fire extinguisher on-hand. Another would be to remove any flammable items from your immediate area (tissues, scarves etc.).

The next thing to note is that not all candles are suitable for wax play. In fact, there’s just one that you should be considering for playtime, namely safety candles. 

These candles are simple and dull and don’t have any added colouring, chemicals, or scents to them, making them the safest option. 

This type of candle also cools down relatively quickly, making them not too hot when it lands on someone’s skin.

Then, when it comes to getting down… here are some tips to take note of:

  • Try not to go for an area that has a lot of hair, as it may rip out when the wax is removed.
  • Keep the candle around one foot away from the skin to reduce splashing
  • Dip the wax at a parallel angle to your partner, not too far back or too far down.
  • The breasts and nipples are a fun place to start.
  • Using an old sheet during wax play will make the cleanup easier.

Like it Cold? Ice Play!

It’s common knowledge that when an ice cube touches our skin, it causes an intense sensation. And when it’s done during a sensual and sexual tryst it can intensify the entire experience. 

If you’re all about ice cubes, you can go ahead and use those by holding one in your fingers and slowly tracing it all over your partner’s body. While you’re doing this, you can blow softly on the skin to cause an even bigger tingle.

If you fancy something other than ice however, you can opt for frozen fruits such as strawberries or cucumber. In this way, you could hold the pieces of fruit in your mouth whilst moving it along the skin.

Then, when it comes to getting down… here are some tips to take note of:

  • Try not to use ice straight out of the freezer. By allowing it to thaw slightly, the ice will be able to slip and slide along the body better, and it will create a ‘fun’ shock as opposed to a damaging or uncomfortable cold. 
  • Avoid inserting ice into the body. When ice is in the body for more than five minutes, you could run the risk of damaging internal tissue.
  • If pain is felt, stop. Ice play does create a strange and uncomfortable sensation at first, but if it persists then you’re not doing it right. Pins and needles, burning, and stinging sensations are a sign of frostbite and is not what you should be aiming for.

For some couples, temperature play sometimes includes using blindfolds, or silicone toys that can be warmed up in cool water beforehand (never boiling). It could also include other toys from the BDSM lifestyle, such as nipple clamps, spreader bars, handcuffs, and/or other sex toys. 

Ready to get things cold and cosy, or perhaps all fired up?

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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