Our Favourite Remote Control & Bluetooth Vibrators

Our Favourite Remote Control & Bluetooth Vibrators

When it comes to sex toys and vibrators, we’ve come a heck of a long way. Instead of phallic-like pleasure products (which are still great!), we now have the luxury of using different sexual wellness toys of various shapes, sizes, functions, and vibrational settings. And remote control and Bluetooth vibrators are simply at the forefront of high tech sexual bliss.

Sex tech aside, why do we love remote control and Bluetooth vibrators? Because they make the seemingly impossible, possible! Now, long distance couples can have all kinds of kinky fun, anywhere in the world! 

Not just that, but date night is now exceedingly more erotic, as couples can play when out and about… like a little secret that’s fun, flirty, and delicious, in public spaces. What a time to be alive!

Favourite Remote Control & Bluetooth Vibrators

So today, we’re going to indulge you in our favourite remote control and Bluetooth vibrators. We’re also going to let you in on the benefits of using these kinds of pleasure products, and why they’re so amazing for the sex life of couples and long distance relationships

Basically, you’ll learn how to have sexy romps, strengthen your long distance relationship, and enjoy a new kind of sexual play that’s insatiably euphoric. 

But first…

What is a Remote Control & Bluetooth Vibrator?

A remote control and Bluetooth vibrator is a sex toy that can be controlled remotely. 

Of course, the way in which it works will depend on the type of sex toy you have. When it comes to remote vibrators, one user can control the vibrational patterns and intensities using a (wireless) remote. 

This is great, as it means no fumbling and adjusting during your bouts of play which may lead to an anti-climax. Like hands-free fun, if you will.

Remote control vibrators only work at a certain range, such as 45 feet apart. These kinds of vibrators are great for couples who want to play together in public, or for those who want to have some solo fun without having to adjust their toy manually.

Then, when it comes to Bluetooth vibrators, these are used via an app and can be controlled from anywhere in the world. 

When two people connect with each other using the app, one partner will imbibe in the sexual bliss while the other will use their fingers (on a screen) to adjust the settings for their lover. But app-enabled sex toys are perfectly declious during solo play too. Sex life 2.0, shall we say?

For Bluetooth vibrators, an Internet connection is necessary, as well as the downloading of the accompanying app. For example, We-Vibe remote control and Bluetooth vibrators use the app ‘We-Connect’.

There are a number of different kinds of remote control and Bluetooth vibrators, ranging from G-spot sex toys, clitoral stimulation sex toys, classic vibrators, to vibrating butt plugs, cock rings and love eggs.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Remote Control or Bluetooth Vibrator?

While remote control and Bluetooth vibrators are a sassy and seductive treat for couples, and are generally marketed towards lovers, they too are a lot of fun for solo self-care sessions. 

However you intend to play, here are the benefits of using a remote control or Bluetooth vibrator:

Couples Play, Even More Playful and Erotic

There is absolute beauty in the fact that couples can experience new ways of playing together. And while there are too many sexual acts and positions to count, using a remote control or Bluetooth vibrator is just another way to enjoy even more erotica. You see, being able to explore new experiences together, be it sexual or other, is one of the best ways to keep a satisfying relationship. Allow one partner to give up control with a remote control or Bluetooth vibrator and go on a ride that could be one of the most thrilling experiences yet.

Expect the Unexpected

While no one knows our own body as well as ourselves, there’s something entirely enticing about expecting the unexpected, especially in pleasure. When one lover allows their partner to take the reins on their sexual ecstasy, it’s like an exciting rollercoaster, a whirlwind of wondering “what next?”. Not just that, but it’s also powerful to either give up or take control. Like a mild form of taking on dominant and submissive roles, one partner can simply expect the unexpected, while the other knows exactly what kind of stimulation is to come.

Find New Sensations of Sexual Pleasure

Oftentimes we get stuck in a rut in life in general, and in our sex lives. And even though we may think we know exactly what makes us tick, there is a whole world of different pleasurable sensations to be felt. When we hand over our pleasure, we’re giving ourselves the opportunity to feel new things, to experience different sensations, and perhaps even find a new way of getting off harder than ever before. It’s always fun to think outside of the box or to colour outside of the lines, and allowing ourselves to experience new sensations is just that!

Keeping the Sexual Passion Alive, Long Distance

And then, one of the most innovative ways to keep the sexual passion alive long distance, is to use a Bluetooth vibrator that’s controlled using an app. Sure, we’ve been lucky enough to use video calling and sexting capabilities for quite some time already, which is great for lovers who are far apart. But truthfully, these avenues don’t hold a flame to using a Bluetooth-enabled vibrator with someone you’re lusting after who lives far away. This kind of sex tech is extraordinarily fun, extremely satisfying, and allows couples to really immerse themselves in everything possible, sexually, without actually being in-person.

With that let’s take a look in more detail at how remote control vibrators help long distance relationships.

How do Remote Control Vibrators Help with Long-Distance Relationships?

Remote control vibrators are heaven-sent, yes, but they’re even more desired and appreciated today, given the circumstances of the pandemic. Regardless of the situation, how do these innovative remote control vibrators actually help with long-distance relationships

For one, when lovers are far apart, there is zero opportunity to be physically intimate. And in this way, for as long as possible, couples have been as creative and crafty as possible to get as close together, sexually, as they could. 

An example would be doing a video call whilst talking dirty, masturbating with or without a sex toy, and even giving each other instructions on how to play with themselves for their partner to see and enjoy. And before the invention of the remote control vibrator, this kind of ‘camming’ experience was merely the best it was ever going to get.

Today however, we’re looking at a new way of connecting, sexually. Some sex toy companies have created remote control vibrators with an accompanying app that not only allows one partner to control their lover’s pleasure, but also indulge in other functions on the app, such as video calling, texting, and picture sharing. Using these kinds of sex toys also allows for a level of spontaineity and creativity, which could have been lacking in a relationship.

In this way, couples can explore their own and their lover’s bodies in a new and positive way. Being alone, whilst virtually together, gives both parties the time to really figure out what works best for them. This is such a benefit, in fact, that when geographical constraints aren’t a ‘thing’ anymore, they can come together and physically enjoy what they’ve experienced whilst apart. 

One could go as far as to say that playing with a partner whilst physically apart using a remote control vibrator is as, or even more so, beneficial as mutual masturbation. 

Mutual masturbation allows partners to see what really makes their lover sexually excited, almost like a teachable moment, and could aid in better foreplay and lovemaking when they play together. 

All in all, remote control and Bluetooth vibrators have the power to change the way we view intimacy, and to enjoy the very best of ourselves, with a partner, whether near or far.

Our Favourite Remote Control & Bluetooth Vibrators

While there are many sex toy brands that offer remote control and Bluetooth Vibrators, there are three that truly shine when it comes to long distance fun and remote control pleasure. These are:

Lovense Dolce Quake Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator

Lovense has made a name for itself by being one of the top app-controlled remote vibrators for long distance couples. In fact, they’re quite possibly the most popular when it comes to camming and partnered play from afar. The Lovense Dolce Quake Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator is a magnificent piece of art that offers dual stimulation (internal and external stimulation) to both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. It has two powerful motors, and an accompanying app called ‘Lovense Remote’ which makes it the perfect tool for solo or partnered play, near or far. It quickly became a fan favourite due to its adjustable neck, hands-free pleasure, waterproof capabilities, and the fact that it’s wearable.
New Lovense Dolce Quake Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator

We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

A couples vibrator that’s brimming with sexual tension and arousal, the We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator has a squeeze remote that works using the most natural human response. In other words, the tighter you squeeze, the stronger the vibrations get. This toy is wearable, inserted into her, has an adjustable fit, and responsive controls that work with your movements. It’s also been made so that you can play together from anywhere, using the We-Connect app, and is beautifully-designed for discreet storage and travel.
New WeVibe Chorus Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Ditto

For a different kind of sensation, the We-Vibe Ditto is an anal butt plug that works with the We-Vibe Connect app. This means that you can either play solo using the app, or you can enjoy all kinds of fun with a partner, whether they’re close by or miles apart in real-time. This toy vibrates deliciously with rumbling power, and has gentle pressure that feels heavenly for beginners or regular players. The We-Vibe Ditto comes with preset modes but also allows users to create their own custom vibrations, making your levels of pleasure seemingly limitless. It has a flexible neck, comes in a small size, and is 100 percent waterproof. Go slow, and enjoy the ride!
WeVibe Ditto Anal Plug

Satisfyer Curvy 1+ Plus Clitorial Stimulator

Satisfyer is an award-winning sex toy brand and has brought many vulva owners all over the world to orgasm in abundance. And now, you can enjoy their line of long-range Bluetooth enabled products for sassy solo play or sexual fun for lovers. By using the Satisfyer app, called Satisfyer Connect, you can enjoy the Satisfyer Curvy + Plus Clitorial Stimulator’s seemingly endless amount of personalised vibrational patterns, and its enhanced sensory feedback for even better play. This sex toy has a broader head that’s ribbed and stimulates the clitoris effortlessly using gentle suckles for immense euphoria. It’s whisper quiet, IPX7 waterproof, and made from body-safe silicone.
Satisfyer Curvy 1 + Plus Clitoral Stimulator

Satisfyer Sexy Secret Wearable Panty Vibrator

If you’re a fan of secrets, especially sexy secrets, then the Satisfyer Sexy Secret Wearable Panty Vibrator is the perfect treat for her. It’s gorgeously-designed and is simply worn inside the panties, keeping in place with a magnet. For that reason, there’s no reason to worry about awkward movements and continuous rearranging. This sweet treat stimulates the vulva and comes with a sleek remote control so you can enjoy all the vibes you desire with its one-button control. It’s whisper quiet, rechargeable, IPX7 waterproof, and comes in a passionate red wine colour. Use the Satisfyer Connect App and take advantage of its functions in abundance.
Satisfyer Sexy Secret Wearable Panty Vibrator

And there you have it! Our favourite remote control and Bluetooth vibrators for all kinds of delicious and delectable solo or partnered play. 

And while we’re big fans of Lovense, We-Vibe, and Satisfyer when it comes to remote control and Bluetooth capabilities, we recommend that you do a little browsing of your own too. 

Depending on the kind of stimulation you love, and the way in which you’re hoping to use your remote control or Bluetooth sex toy, you may find something that gets your pulse racing for bouts of decadent sensual play. 

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