Male Anal Stimulation, Is it as Taboo as we think?

Male Anal Stimulation, Is it as Taboo as we think?

Male Anal Stimulation - Is it as taboo as we think?

When it comes to sex play, the most taboo subjects are usually the activities we all engage in or are curious about. Male anal stimulation is one of those topics, but whether in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship (or solo!), it's one of the most overlooked but sensual and satisfying activities to engage in. Specifically, prostate stimulation is wildly erotic and pleasurable and can only be done through the anus due to its location just under the bladder, palpable internally through the rectal wall.

The prostate, known in tantra as “the sacred spot”, is a walnut-sized gland important in male reproduction, located behind the anterior wall of the anus. It's at the root of the penis and stores semen, so stimulation actually cleanses the prostate and releases stagnant semen that can otherwise build up and cause painful swelling due to bacterial accumulation. While many heterosexual men actually express a reluctance to try anal play, it's important for long-term health. Prostate stimulation reduces risk of prostatitis, cancer, erectile dysfunction symptoms, nighttime urination, and genital pain.

For more immediate rewards, the physiological and psychological high is incomparable to any other method of play for most men and will never be forgotten, thus making it an indispensable form of bedroom entertainment. Prostate stimulation causes longer ejaculations and often multiple orgasms, difficult for most males to achieve through other sex methods. Unfortunately with anal play comes a lot of stigma, whether it be due to fear of pain or anxiety because of cleanliness or other social factors. Thus, communication and consent is vital, as well as plenty of preparation, to ensure relaxation and comfort.

Beginners’ anal play should start slowly, perhaps with extended foreplay that includes a hot shower or bath coupled with an erotic massage. Water-based lube should be on hand and once you are ready to begin, there are two ways to stimulate the prostate. One way is with the finger, with a latex glove or finger cot if preferred (if latex allergy is an issue, there are latex-free hypoallergenic options as well). Using a liberal amount of lubrication, use the pad of the forefinger to make firm circular motions around the opening, experimenting with different pressures. This loosens the anus and pleasurably stimulates the numerous nerve endings the anus holds. The finger should begin to naturally slip in once relaxed and you can then further insert the forefinger gently into the anus and lightly hook up at about two inches of depth, as if beckoning someone to move forward. Both partners will know once the prostate has been located based on the pleasure response; more experimentation should occur with different pressures and circular motions of varying speed, but there is no way to do this wrong as long as it's gentle, especially to begin with.

Prostate stimulation sex toys are the other method, a fun and great way for beginners nervous about this new experience to try out their fantasy. While simply using a finger can be difficult to try on one’s own, many of these toys can be used with a partner or alone, if wishing to learn privately first. A great introductory product is JouJou’s Anal Fantasy Collection Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator, designed as all the best toys are for a gentle and pleasurable experience. The stimulator curves up to hit exactly the right spot, combined with a textured shaft and external nubs that stimulate the perineum all at once. This stimulation plus other sexual play could very likely give you the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. The Beginner’s Prostate Stimulator also comes with a prep kit that includes anal desensitising cream, a water-based lube, two finger sleeves, and a toy cleanser.

This sex toy is sized perfectly for beginners at only an inch in width and 3.25 inches of insertable length, with a looped base for easy manipulation. It's made with a silky smooth ABS plastic with a velvet-like coating for ultimate luxury and comfort.  So enjoy your journey to exploring anal and prostate stimulation and intense orgasms like you've never before experienced!
Article by Miranda at JOUJOU

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