Ladies, Here are 70 Things You May Just Want to Add to Your Sex Bucket List

Ladies, Here are 70 Things You May Just Want to Add to Your Sex Bucket List

Ladies, Here are 70 Things You May Just Want to Add to Your Sex Bucket List

When a woman realises just how powerful her sexuality is, there’s no stopping her. And even in a world of slut-shaming and words that are just down-right harmful, sexual confidence exuded by a woman can be simply intoxicating.

So for those who can appreciate just how fun and amazing sex can be, and who are definitely up for a little fun when it comes to the nasty, here are 70 things you can consider having on your sex bucket list. 

Try some or all, see if you like them. And who knows, you may just find your new favourite thing to do in the sheets!

  1. A Solo Erotic Photo Shoot
  2. Wear Vibrating Panties Controlled by Someone Else
  3. Try Role Playing
  4. Assume a Dominant or Submissive Role in the Bedroom
  5. Introduce a Sex Toy into your Solo Play (or Try a New One)
  6. Give Anal a Go
  7. Try Rimming Your Partner
  8. Indulge in Pegging
  9. Rough Sex (with a Trusted Partner)
  10. Try Sexting to Gain Arousal
  11. Listen to Female-Centred Audio Porn
  12. Read Erotic Literature to Your Partner (or Out Loud by Yourself)
  13. Make and Use a Sex Music Playlist
  14. Have Sex with a Foreigner (or in a Foreign Country)
  15. Go to a Sex or Swinger’s Club
  16. Have Sex in a Swimming Pool or Hot Tub
  17. Use a BDSM Sex Toy (Like a Flogger, Blindfold, or Handcuffs)
  18. Orgasm at the Same Time as Your Partner
  19. Try Give Yourself Multiple Orgasms
  20. Re-Create Your Favourite Sex Scene from a Film
  21. Give Oral Sex to Someone Who’s on the Phone
  22. Devote an Entire Day for Each Partner’s Pleasure
  23. Try a Threesome
  24. Try Mutual Masturbation
  25. Visit a Pay-Per-Hour Motel and Have Sex
  26. Go Sex Toy Shopping with a Partner
  27. Touch Each Other Suggestively in Public
  28. Play a Sex Game
  29. Watch Two People Having Sex (in Real Life)
  30. Have a One Night Stand
  31. Try Spanking
  32. Play Strip Poker
  33. Enjoy Shower Sex
  34. Have a Go at Temperature Play (Ice Cubes/Candle Wax)
  35. Spoil Yourself with Sexy Lingerie and Show it Off
  36. Silent Sex in a House Full of People
  37. Make Out with a Woman
  38. Send a Nude Photo of Yourself (to Someone You Trust)
  39. Have Intense Eye-Contact Sex
  40. Have Sex in a Chair
  41. Watch Porn
  42. ‘Christen’’ a New Apartment
  43. Share or Experience Your Deepest Fantasy
  44. Do Something Sexual that Intrigues You, But That is Outside of Your Comfort Zone
  45. Use Food During a Sexual Experience
  46. Find Your G-Spot (and Orgasm from It)
  47. Have Sex with Someone Without Catching Their Name
  48. Have Loud Sex
  49. Wake Someone Up by Giving Them Oral Sex
  50. Use Dirty Talk in the Bedroom
  51. Have Sex on the Beach
  52. Get Naughty in an Elevator
  53. Visit Your Partner at Work for a Quickie
  54. Have an Afternoon Delight
  55. Have Sex in a Club Bathroom
  56. Have Sex on top of a Washing Machine
  57. Have Video Chat Phone Sex
  58. Make an At-Home Porno
  59. Have Marathon Sex and See How Long You Can Last
  60. Count How Many Times You Can Orgasm in a Day
  61. Send a Dirty Sext to Someone When You Know They’re Doing Something Important
  62. Be on Your Knees When Your Partner Arrives
  63. Wear a Skirt with No Panties in Public
  64. Have Car Sex
  65. Get Handsy in an Empty Movie Theatre
  66. Cover Yourself in Paint and Have Sex on a Blank Canvas
  67. Have Sex with the Windows or Curtains Open
  68. Have You and Your Partner Abstain from Sex and Masturbation for One Week
  69. Give Your Partner a Lap Dance
  70. Try to Squirt

So, have you found a few cheeky items that you are simply dying to try? While some of these sexual acts are more risque than others, there’s no need to check off every single one. Give each a thought and decide if it’s something you’d be interested in. There’s no harm in trying, right?

Spicing up one’s sex life - whether it is solo, with a partner, or with multiple partners, is always a sexy thing. Be safe, ensure consent, and use your feminine sexuality to enjoy all that our beautiful bodies have to offer.

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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