Ladies, Here Are 5 Masturbation Techniques You Should Be Trying…

Ladies, Here Are 5 Masturbation Techniques You Should Be Trying…

It’s 2020, it’s time to shake things up a bit, wouldn’t you agree? 

Sure, enjoying playtime the way that feels great and comfortable for you is always a treat, but there are so many different and innovative things you could try during your alone time. Who knows, you may just love it!

So, for those who feel like moving outside the box, here are five masturbation techniques that you should be trying. If you don’t like it, well at least you’ll have an interesting story to tell your friends or to write in your memoir! 

Without further adieu, let’s dive right into some delicious sexy tips you can try today… 

1. Edging

Being ‘on edge’ is usually synonymous with uncomfortable or negative feelings. But when it comes to edging in the bedroom, it’s anything but. 

What is Edging?

Edging is when you’re close to reaching orgasm, but pull back just before. In this way, you’re able to build up an even stronger orgasm. 

In fact, two-thirds of women have admitted that by incorporating edging into their playtime, it caused them to receive longer and more intense orgasms than ever before.

You can practice edging during solo play or with a partner, and you can do it by either stopping completely and giving yourself a breather then continuing, or you could shift your position to cool off before resuming. 

2. Multiple Orgasms

Women may have to experience the pain of childbirth, monthly periods, and other things that men don’t need to worry about, but when it comes to orgasming, they’ve definitely got the upper hand. Why? Because women have the capability of experiencing multiple orgasms.

What are Multiple Orgasms?

A multiple orgasm is when a woman reaches climax and is able to do so again shortly after the first. 

For many, it’s believed that going at it again straight after round one is near impossible, as they may feel sensitive. But by starting again slowly, stimulating the surrounding areas and making your way onto your pleasure spots, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a second, third, maybe even fourth or fifth orgasm! 

What’s also great about this is the fact that many women find the second orgasm is even better than the first.

Our advice? Practice makes perfect.

3. Try Getting Off in a Different Way

Women who know their bodies will be able to tell you how they can achieve orgasm. And for many, it is via clitoral stimulation. But life’s short, and not all orgasms are created equally. 

For that reason, why not try to reach climax in a different way? For example, if you’re used to using a sex toy that brings you to orgasm via the clitoris, try to reach the same, if not better, result via the g-spot

There are tons of great sex toys for her available, making this practical experiment a delectable treat.

4. Change Your Sexual Stimulus

You may love watching erotic films, softcore porn, or even hardcore porn, but there may be something out there that turns you on even more than what you’re used to!

This could be watching a different category of porn (maybe something you’ve felt a bit weird yet intrigued about watching), reading erotic fiction, listening to or watching female-centred erotica, or even watching a sex scene from a sensual Hollywood film.

Branching out sexually is an empowering thing to do, no one’s watching you and no one is judging you.


5. Close Your Legs During Orgasm

If you’re not already doing so, closing your legs during the point of orgasm actually makes the experience even more pleasurable. 

This is because it increases stimulation to the clitoris, and it puts more pressure on the zones that make an orgasm possible, giving you an almost jolt-like feeling during climax.

In better terms, tensing up parts of your genitals goes hand-in-hand with involuntary spasms that cause you to orgasms. Together, a beautiful climax is created for you to enjoy!

Pro tip: Don’t do it before you’re sure you’re going to orgasm. Wait for it, and right before climax, close your legs.

So, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking... it’s time to get those orgasms feeling even more explosive, and in abundance!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer at JOUJOU

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