It’s All in the Foreplay: How to Give Sensual Massages

It’s All in the Foreplay: How to Give Sensual Massages

When you hear the word ‘foreplay’, what comes to mind? Perhaps a racy scene where you’re on your back receiving the best oral sex of your life? Or maybe it’s a bit of over-the-clothes heavy petting? 

Well, you aren’t wrong. But, there are so many different ways to enjoy a bit of foreplay that don’t necessarily involve the genitals… like sensual massages.

What’s also cool is that massages actually have a ton of health benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps reduce pain
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Reduces fatigue

It’s also been said that receiving a massage has the ability to release oxytocin, aka the ‘love hormone’. This hormone has been shown to increase trust between people and can make two people feel more comfortable with each other. Which is why we’re all about sensual massages as a form of foreplay

Ever done it? If not, we’ve got you covered with our little how-to guide. Here are some spots to massage that your partner may absolutely love… 

The Best Body Parts to Sensually Massage

The Lips

Our lips have tons of sensory nerves, so whether you’re touching them, licking them, or kissing them, you’ll be sure to reach a positive outcome when the chemistry is there.

You can get the party started by gently pressing on the temples, moving onto the cheeks then the jaw. Use circular motions on each area, and move slowly and sensually until you reach the lips. The outer edge of the lips is the best spot to stimulate, as it contains the most sensory nerves.

The Inner Thigh

For both men and women, the inner thigh is like the secret gateway to all things erotic and can bring about intense sexual energy. The area is also extremely sensitive, so when it’s massaged or stimulated, you can be sure that there will be tons of blood pumping.

To get things going, you can run your hands up and down the thighs slowly. Then, knead the inner thigh (like you would dough). If at this point you feel like teasing, you could add in an innocent brush against the genitals.

The Front of the Neck

If you’re hoping to increase your partner’s energy and sex drive, the front of the neck has proven to be a particularly effective spot. This is because you’ll be massaging the thyroid gland.

To do so, trace wide circles with your fingertip around the Adam’s apple (in men). After a few seconds, you can use your lips to gently touch the hollow of the throat and then move on to creating wide circles using your tongue.

The Ears

Yet another sensitive part of the body, the ears are an erogenous zone, making it an excellent point to massage during foreplay.

You can squeeze them lightly using your thumb and forefinger, and/or you can use your tongue to glide along the c-shape of the ear. Gauge your partner’s reaction to adjust the intensity accordingly.

Behind the Knees

This is one of the most sensitive spots, and not only can turn things up a notch but can also warm up the skin during foreplay.

You could either have your partner lie on their stomach, or they can sit in a chair. Start by scratching and caressing the area to warm them up, and follow that with light circles in the crevice of the knees using your tongue.

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5 Essentials That’ll Enhance a Sensual Massage

So, with these body parts and techniques in mind, you could further enhance intimacy by:

  • Using a massage lotion that feels and/or smells good
  • Giving your partner the massage in a room that’s warm to create a comfortable space
  • Using dim lighting or make use of candles during massage
  • Putting on music that’s either soothing or perhaps even sexy
  • Using a room fragrance scent that they love

What’s interesting about the last point is the fact that a scent has the power to trigger parts of the brain associated with emotions. By choosing a scent that your partner enjoys or associates with a positive memory, you can boost their mood and generate positive emotions. 

Interesting, right? Happy foreplaying!

Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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