Introducing Subtlety with Lipstick Vibrators

Introducing Subtlety with Lipstick Vibrators & Bullets

There are dozens of reasons why a lipstick vibrator is actually the best… and we’re going to tell you why! 

You see, not only are they subtle, petite, and travel friendly, making them a pretty treat to hide and vacation with, but they’re also super powerful. Want to get off anytime without a fuss? Yep, a lipstick vibrator will be your new best friend.

Of course, the list seemingly goes on and on, which is why we suggest you stick around to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about lipstick vibrators. What are they used for, are they loud, what’s the difference between a lipstick vibrator and a bullet vibrator… and so much more! Exciting times ahead!

If this is your very first bit of research on lipstick vibrators and bullets, welcome! We’re so happy you stopped by because these bad boys will ultimately make your life so much easier (and way more sassy). 

We’re all about individuals exploring their body, finding new hot spots, and getting their very best orgasms. And with a lipstick vibrator well, it’s the only lipstick you’ll ever need that actually lasts! Let’s take a peek at what a lipstick vibrator sex toy is, shall we?

What is a Lipstick Vibrator?

A lipstick vibrator is a saucy pleasure product that’s designed to look just like a real lipstick. It’s small in size, and powerful in function. 

Think about your makeup essentials… is there a lipstick that you’re in love with? Or a beauty item that you carry around with you in your purse, makeup case, or travel luggage everywhere you go? 

A lipstick vibrator will take up just as much space, and will give you that same glow (you know, because of the many orgasms it’ll give you).

So while you may love your Russian Red lipstick shade, a vibrator that looks just like a real lipstick will give you the kind of blush that’s sweet, natural, and gorgeous.

How do you use a lipstick vibrator? Well, it’s a pleasure product that’s so easy to use, you’ll be pleasantly taken away to dreamland within a few minutes. 

The majority of lipstick vibrators simply require you to twist the small dial at the base of the toy, which will then turn on the vibrations. 

Some lipstick vibrators may offer different intensities, but your basic lipstick vibrator will offer one… which is more than enough for those subtle and discreet moments full of bliss.

Is a lipstick vibrator for you? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then indeed, a lipstick vibrator sex toy is definitely for you:

  • Do you want a vibrator that’s petite?
  • Do you want a travel friendly vibrator?
  • Do you want a vibrator that’s discreet?
  • Do you want an easy-to-use vibrator that you can grab at any given moment?
  • Do you want a vibrator that can easily be hidden in your purse or travel luggage?
  • Do you want a vibrator that looks nothing like a vibrator for ultimate privacy?

So, is a lipstick vibrator for you? We think so! 

What Are the Differences Between a Lipstick & a Bullet Vibrator?

You may be familiar with lipstick vibrators, and you may be familiar with bullet vibrators. But what are the differences between a lipstick vibrator and a bullet vibrator sex toy? 

The main difference is the appearance. A bullet vibrator is just as easy-to-use, and is oftentimes the same petite size as a lipstick vibrator, but it will be more noticeable as a vibrator. A bullet vibrator usually has a very simple design perhaps coming in one colour or a patterned colour, yet it’s usually smooth, compact, and basic. 

A lipstick vibrator on the other hand has more of a beautiful aesthetic that matches an actual lipstick. Looking at a lipstick vibrator has the power to fool even the best sex toy connoisseur. But of course to hold it in your hand will not feel like a real lipstick shade. 

So if you’re wondering whether you should go for a lipstick vibrator or a bullet vibrator, the most important question to ask yourself could be: “Do I need a discreet sex toy?” If not, you could simply go for a bullet vibe!

Are Lipstick Vibrators Used Just for Clitoral Stimulation?

Lipstick vibrators are indeed mainly used for clitoral stimulation. They come with a smooth, round or tapered tip that looks like a real lipstick tube, making it perfectly-shaped to provide vulva owners with delicious clitoral stimulation.

On the other hand however, there’s nothing wrong with being creative with your lipstick vibrator. You could tease other erogenous zones with its pleasantly erotic vibes, such as the nipples or around the vulva. But, at the end of the day, lipstick vibrators are made for external use.

Are Lipstick & Bullet Vibrators Loud?

While lipstick vibrators were made with the intention of discretion, it’s more common for a lipstick vibrator to be more subtle than a bullet vibe. 

However, each brand will offer different levels of noise when it comes to how loud their sex toys are. 

We suggest reading more about the lipstick or bullet vibrator that’s caught your eye to find out what’s mentioned about the level of noise. If a lipstick or bullet vibrator has a description that says “whisper-quiet” you will be in good hands when it comes to your best privacy.

Our Recommended Lipstick Vibrators


Shop JOUJOU: LELO Mia 2 Lipstick-Style Vibe

LELO Mia 2 Lipstick-Style Vibe

Get off in style with LELO and their Mia 2 Lipstick-Style Vibe. You seriously won’t be disappointed, as LELO is well-known as one of the most luxurious sex toy brands in the world! And if it’s the cuteness factor you’re after, you’ll melt at the sight of this elegant lipstick style vibe. It works with absolute precision, and makes you feel like the the true queen that you are.


Shop JOUJOU: SCREAMING O My Secret Lipstick Vibrator

SCREAMING O My Secret Lipstick Vibrator

If it’s a cost-effective lipstick vibrator you’re after, then the My Secret Lipstick Vibrator is the perfect toy to consider. It comes with three speeds and pulses, has a gorgeous aesthetic, and is super discreet for those private moments solo or with a partner. It’s also got a soft silicone tip that’s flexible, allowing you to stimulate your most erotic spot until ultimate release.


Shop JOUJOU: DAME Kip Lipstick Vibrator

DAME Kip Lipstick Vibrator

A sweet, cute, and innocent-looking lipstick vibrator, the Dame Kip is easy-to-grip, petite, and inconspicuous. It’s been created with an angled tip that’s soft enough to flutter, and a body that envelopes the clitoris for the best kind of clit play yet. Use its different vibrational patterns to find your best pleasure, and enjoy the whisper-quiet satisfaction that it brings. 


Shop JOUJOU: CalExotics Hide and Play Lipstick Vibe

CalExotics Hide and Play Lipstick Vibe

Your new favourite vibe… or shall we say, make up accessory? The Hide and Play Lipstick Vibe has an appearance that’s uncanny to a real lipstick tube, and is small enough to go with you wherever the wind blows. It has several vibration and pulsating patterns, is made of body-safe silicone, and thus will be your new best friend and travel partner.


Shop JOUJOU: Fredericks of Hollywood USB Lipstick Vibe

Fredericks of Hollywood USB Lipstick Vibe

Pleasure encapsulated in a sleek, smooth, and luxurious design, the Fredericks of Hollywood USB Lipstick Vibe is a compact pleasure product ready to tease and please. It has nine different vibrational functions, is whisper-quiet, and charges effortlessly with a USB socket. No cables, no batteries, just erotic, discreet, and orgasmic fun!


Shop JOUJOU: Pipedream Mini Max Vibrating Lipstick

Pipedream Products Mini Max Vibrating Lipstick

Perhaps the kindest lipstick vibrator on your wallet, and the most gorgeously vibrant on your sweet spot, the Mini Max Vibrating Lipstick is the perfect sex toy for beginners. It’s stylish, sexy, and comes with various speeds to float your boat! Simply pop it into your purse or travel case and enjoy its sassy vibes when the mood strikes.

Our Recommended Discreet Bullet Vibrators


Shop JOUJOU: WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator

WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibes are just as sensual and seductive as lipstick vibes, so if you’re keen to find a kind of sexual bliss with a different aesthetic, why not consider the WeVibe Tango X Powerful Bullet Vibrator? This bullet vibe has been going strong for 10 plus years, well.. It’s predecessor, and now it’s had a sexy new upgrade! Enjoy pinpointed stimulation in a petite yet powerful bullet, made for those on-the-go wonderful women.


Shop JOUJOU: NU Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet Vibrator

Nu Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet Vibrator

There’s something about the Nu Sensuelle Point Plus Bullet Vibrator that makes it just a tad bit more racy than other bullet vibes… it’s two silicone sleeves! This vibe not only comes with 30 percent more power than the original Point Vibrator, but also comes with two different textured sleeves for even more erotica! And, it looks like luxury in a stunning rose gold and metallic finish in gold.


Shop JOUJOU: Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair Bullet Vibrator

Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair Bullet Vibrator

You can’t go wrong with a Satisfyer, regardless of which toy you buy! Which is why the Satisfyer Mini Secret Affair Bullet Vibrator is an excellent choice for those who seek discretion and power. It comes in a small size with a removable cap, making it an easy go-to pleasure product that’s hygienic and efficient. Allow it to stimulate your clitoris with ease, and enjoy its innovative touch control function and whisper-quiet capabilities for even more seductive solo fun.

Have you found your favourite shade? Or rather, your new best vibe that’s impeccably gorgeous, petite, and discreet that it’ll have people believing you’ve chosen a new shade? Whether you go for a lipstick vibrator or a bullet, these trusted sex toys will, without a doubt, get you where you want to go, quickly and efficiently.

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