Intro in to the Leather Subculture

Intro in to the Leather Subculture

If you don't have at least one leather toy in your toy box, you're missing out. Leather is an easy to work with and super durable material for adult toys. If you've attended a Pride parade you’ve seen the experts (known as Leather Daddies) or you at least know you're way around sex toys and fetishes, and you've probably seen a bit about a certain leather subculture. But what's the big deal with leather?

  • History

Leather has a super rich history in sex toys; in fact it's been around longer than our fancy silicone ones. Not to mention the easy upkeep fashion it creates, with a sense of strength. The leather subculture has been a huge thing in the LGBT community for quite a while, a lot of history is owed there though it's not exclusive either.

  • Durability

Leather is incredibly durable, and able to take (or give) a real beating. While many quality leather products are expensive, it's likely to last you an eternity longer than silicones, plastics, or rubber made toys. Leather is porous but fairly easy to clean up. Remember that part of what makes leather last so long is it's upkeep. Not all leather needs a rigorous routine, but proper storage st the very least will help keep it in condition.

If you're not sure you want to change a whole section of your lifestyle for leather, it certainly doesn't hurt to buy a few leather toys. The Sensua Suede Whip has a comfortable acrylic handle, with suede tassels on the end. This toy is perfect for sensual play, as the tassels can be used to softly tickle or to leave a burn.

Another option is the Fifty Shades Freed Leather Wrist Cuffs. The cuffs are made of a rich plum colored leather, with padding for comfort. They'll be more comfortable than most other cuffs you find, and twice as durable! They can be adjusted to fit, and the chain can be removed/added as wanted.

Being a sub can also mean pet play, or especially Pup Play if you really get into the scene, can come up. A leather collar and leash is perfect if you're trying to explore your more primal, or domesticated, side. This set is made of soft leather, with a chain leash. The end of the leash can also serve to spank as it's made of leather, or it can be attached to a pair of handcuffs. Pro tip: if you're single and go to a leather pup party to pick up others, don't wear your collar - it means you have an owner.

To turn it up just a notch, you can try out the Fetish Fantasy O Ring with Nipple Clamps. The O Ring, which fits into the mouth, is wrapped with a leather case and has leather straps to fit the toy onto the head securely. The nipple clamps hang down from the headpiece, and can be adjusted to your preferred tension. This toy is a super great way to find your limits and test them.

Leather subculture is a big subculture and growing in popularity, with a strong tie to a variety of popular fetishes, though it's easily its own entity from person to person. The toys are fun, durable, and worth every dime spent!

Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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