Electro Fetish 101

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Here at JouJou, we want to talk more about fetishes. We’ve all got one (or many), but not too many of us talk about it. Want to try something out but nervous about asking advice? Over the next few weeks we’re going to talk about some of them.
First up: electrostimulation! Sounds a little intense but it's a pretty common fetish - one of those “Oh, you're into what? Tell me more...not that I'm interested…” sorts of subjects. But who doesn't experience a little thrill at a little static energy in the heat of the moment? That's just small-scale electro play. It can be difficult to learn about what the best and safest toys for it are. Are you looking to add more toys to or experiment with electrical shock during sex? Here are our top pick toys for you.
NOT so shockingly, nipple clamps are an entry level toy to electrostimulation. They are supereasy to take on and off, and are on a very sensitive area that is also easily monitored. The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps are perfect for a beginner or someone more experienced. You can change the setting from Slow to Fast and change the strength of shock to your preferences! This toy also comes with a hand massager that can be used on its own or with the toy as well. Hold it in your hand, switch the setting to On and hold the metal to your palm - or you can use it by plugging the clamps into the massager and letting your partner take control!
Do you already know you love being spanked? This toy combines the sting of being spanked with the shock of electricity! The Luv Paddle is a nice heart shaped paddle that sends out electrical shocks according to your settings. Choose from light shocks to intense throbbing volts at the speed you want. This toy is great for anyone into BDSM, as foreplay, or a couple that loves to experiment. It also adds in an element of surprise if you allow your partner to alter the patterns and force of spanking!
Sometimes a nice massage from your partner turns into much more than what was intended. But that works perfectly well with the Electro Massage Kit! Begin by applying the electrical pads to your partner and putting all the settings onto the lighter settings. Hint: There is also a chart on the controller to show you exactly where to apply the pads for most spine tingling experience! You can stop there or let things get hotter. There are 15 patterns to choose and cycle through, all with different speeds, patterns, and strengths. The remote is wireless, and the pads can be controlled from across the room. If you want to tease and watch your partner squirm in public or at a family dinner, this is the exact toy for you.
If you are looking for a more intense and intimate toy then the Pleasure Probe is here for you. This toy can be used in the hand, vaginally, and anally! You can start with a nice slow speed and light shock, and move it up to a faster speed and be throbbing in just a second. This toy comes with a controller to adjust the settings and is perfect to use with a partner and let them take all the control. This toy is for anyone who wants intensity and new sexual experiences that won't break the bank or your back.
Electrostimulation can be intimidating but almost every toy is easily adjustable for each person. The fun doesn't stop with just these toys though, they can be paired with your other favourite JouJou toys to create the most mind blowing experiences!
Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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