Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Plenty of toys claim to be earth-friendly, and many are. Unfortunately, there are dozens of companies in the sex toy industry that create and sell pleasure products that aren’t eco-friendly. 

Some toys, lubricants, and condoms are made with harmful chemicals, thus aren’t really aiding in the whole ‘carefree’ orgasm ideal that makes the experience well-roundedly amazing and blissful. Isn’t now the right time to green your sex life?

All About Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

If you’re hoping to contribute to a happier, healthier environment that’s also sex-positive, let’s take a journey into how sex toy companies are taking action to provide you with endless orgasms whilst being kind to the planet. Because, at the end of the day, there’s nothing sexy about filling up landfills, right? 

Having said that, millions of consumers have already adopted a more mindful approach to what they’re buying and what they’re consuming. Plastic water bottles, purchasing items from ethical clothing brands, buying refillable beauty products etc. So why aren’t we all on-board when it comes to swapping non eco-friendly sex toys for those made of sustainable materials?


What Makes Sex Toys Eco-Friendly?

The term “eco-friendly” generally means that it prevents contribution to pollution, or that it functions to help reduce pollution. “For some folks, being eco-friendly means choosing props, toys, lubes, and condoms that minimise their impact on the planet. For others, eco-friendly sex involves minimizing harm in production—harm to the environment and to the workers,” says sex expert Jess O’ Reilly.

Eco-friendly sex toys are, to mention a few, non-toxic, non-plastic, made of recycled materials, enclosed in recycled packaging, have rechargeable batteries, and are pleasure products that can be used for a number of years as opposed to one-time use. 

Of course condoms should always be used once, but in this case choosing the right material means that disposing of said-condom will be done in an eco-friendly manner. 

So today, we’re going to look at which products and materials are not eco-friendly, as well as what makes a sex toy eco-friendly. 

Here are seven things to watch out for when it comes to sustainable sex toys, material, and sexual wellness products…

1. Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Sustainable Sex Toys & Sexual Wellness Products

A toxic sex toy inserted into the body would obviously be dangerous. But they do exist. Lubricants should be parabens-free, and sex toys should be phthalate-free. 

Parabens are dangerous because they’ve actually been proven to disrupt hormones. Phthalate are dangerous because it doesn't bind, causing your sex toy to break down over time. Simply put, buying toys and sexual wellness products that contain these compounds are just a bad investment. The good news is it's easier and easier to find parabens-free and phthalate-free toys and wellness products.

We suggest opting for silicone sex toys. Whatever sensation and stimulation you’re craving, there will surely be one that is made from silicone. From rabbit vibrators, butt plugs, cock rings, Ben Wa Balls, BDSM props and gear, and dildos, to bullet vibrators, clitoral stimulators, and prostate massagers, there will undoubtedly be an eco-friendly option.

2. Avoid Plastic Sex Toys

If you must choose plastic, choose recyclable plastics. But even then, every bit of plastic takes about 200 years to break down. Plastic is quite literally the worst thing we've done to the planet. We suggest avoiding it when possible.

3. Are Your Sex Toys Wrapped in Recycled Packaging?

This one’s the easiest to spot and a sure sign for you to check whether your chosen sex toy company is committed to the environment. Check to see if the packaging includes plastic and plastic coating. Make sure the cardboard says it's recyclable, and take a peek to see if said-cardboard is made from recycled materials.

4. Do Your Sex Toys Have Rechargeable Batteries?

Batteries are one of the biggest contributors to landfills. Not just that, but they’re extremely toxic. Thankfully, almost all sex toy industry manufacturers are looking for ways to turn to rechargeable pleasure products. Avoid toys that require frequent battery replacement, and stock up on a few that don't require batteries at all.

5. Avoid One-Time or Limited-Use Sex Toys & Wellness Products

There are some great toys out there that don't qualify as eco-friendly because the materials they’re made of break down, prompting you to throw them out fairly quickly. Other toys require you to throw them out after a single use for hygiene purposes. We suggest avoiding one-time or limited-use sex toys.

6. If Your Sex Toys are Limited Use, Make Sure they’re Recyclable

If there’s a sex toy that you simply must have, we give the Tenga Egg series the nod, which is made with elastomers. Elastomers are made up of two different polymers (rubber and plastic), which means that they can be melted then recycled. And even though this series has plastic packaging, it too is also recyclable. Another plus is that no batteries are needed at all, but the downside is that they’re made for one-time use! Either way, they’re pleasurable and recyclable, so all in all, they’re a good one-time use sex toy, if any.

7. Don't Forget About Eco-Friendly Condoms!

For world-changing sex, choose sustainable eco-friendly condoms, such as LELO Hex. They fit the bill because they’re made from ethically-sourced latex. They’re also stronger to prevent breakage and waste. These condoms are revolutionary in their own intended market because they include graphene for a better grip. More good news? Graphene is environmentally friendly.

And now, let’s get into the sexier side of things, aka eco-friendly vibrators, sex toys, condoms, and lube for you to evoke your most passionate side and ultimate climax, as well as eco-friendly tips for your sex life.

Eco-Friendly Vibrators for Women

Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager

The Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager is not only one of the most powerful wand massagers available today, it’s also eco-friendly. That’s because its body is made of aluminium and titanium, which poses a low risk to the environment. Its head is made of body-safe silicone, which too is an excellent material not only for you but the planet. It’s rechargeable, operating with any voltage so it can be used safely worldwide, and it’s polished to perfection for a luxurious pleasure product you can be proud to own.

Doxy Die Cast Wand Massager

Womanizer Premium ECO Intense Clitoral Orgasm

This unique eco-friendly sex toy is the first ever Pleasure Air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. It’s been made with as little plastic as possible as well as biodegradable biolene, is 100 percent vegan, and can be disassembled for complete recycling. Another plus? It has a rechargeable and interchangeable battery. A stunning clit stimulation sex toy that’s chic in appearance and entirely pleasant on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Sex Toys for Men

LELO is a brand that’s dedicated to preserving the environment. Not just that but they’re incredibly luxurious and award-winning. They strive for responsible manufacturing, reduction of materials, energy, and water to minimise CO2 output, health and safety protocols for employees, and adhering to environmental laws and regulations in every country they operate in. They too comply with WEE (the collection, recycling, and recovery for all types of electric goods), manufactor rechargeable products, and produce excellent sex toys and wellness products that are made with longevity in mind. 

LELO TOR 2 Vibrating Cock Ring

The LELO TOR 2 Vibrating Cock Ring can be used during solo or couples play. It’s made from smooth, body-safe, and FDA-approved material, and has a phthalate-free silicone design. It also comes with a lithium-ion battery that’s eco-friendly. To use this opulent cock ring is to enjoy stronger, more powerful erections and to take advantage of its six stimulation modes and easy-to-use control interface. When worn with a lover, both will feel the euphoria in a bout of shared pleasure.
LELO Tor 2

LELO LOKI Prostate Massager

USB-rechargeable, made of ultra-smooth silicone, and the ability to send shivers down your spine during prostate stimulation, the LELO LOKI Prostate Massager is another eco-friendly male sex toy. It uses a lithium-ion battery, is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, waterproof, and wireless, as well as whisper-quiet for intimate, private and ethical moments of sexual pleasure.

Eco-Friendly Anal Sex Toys

Njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Stainless steel is amazingly green because it’s 100 percent recyclable. In fact, more than half of all stainless steel materials that are in use today have been sourced from scrap material. Not just that, but when in production, it doesn’t produce toxic run-off. For that reason, the Njoy Fun Wand Stainless Steel Dildo is a fantastic eco-friendly anal sex toy (surprisingly, if you flip it over, it can be used as a G-spot sex toy too). It’s cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel, is body-safe, phthalate-free, non-porous, and hypoallergenic. Add in your favourite lube, such as the highly-rate Uberlube Silicone Lubricant (which too is eco-friendly), and enjoy your best self-love session.
Njoy Fun Wand

New Sensations Novelties Firefly Glass Tapered Plug

Glass is a sustainable, fully recyclable material which actually benefits the environment as it contributes to mitigating climate change and saving precious natural resources. Even when glass breaks down, it remains safe and releases no harmful chemicals into the soil, resulting in little to no harm to the planet. So why not indulge in the New Sensations Novelties Firefly Glass Tapered Plug? It’s seductive and enticing, has glow-in-the-dark capabilities, and has been designed in a shape that’s ready for ultimate sexual satisfaction. It comes in sizes small and medium, so there’s fun for all to enjoy whether the lights are on or off.

Eco-Friendly Condoms

Frenchie The Beret Extra-Thin Vegan Latex Condoms

These innovative and eco-friendly condoms have been created without synthetic ingredients, made with 100 percent natural rubber latex, are TGA-approved and registered (a government agency that regulates medical devices and drugs), as well as vegan and gluten free. They’re also ultra-thin allowing for even more sensational play, and fragrance-free. With these vegan condoms, anyone can get up close and person while keeping everyone protected.
Frenchie The Beret with Hyaluronic Acid Extra-Thin Vegan Latex Condoms

LELO Hex Respect

Earlier, we mentioned the LELO Hex condoms, which have been created with incredible technology whilst being eco-friendly. The bigger size of these condoms are the LELO HEX Respect. For those who are larger-than-average, these eco-friendly condoms have a diameter of 58mm and are one of the biggest and thinnest condoms on the market today. They’re natural latex condoms, lightly lubricated, and have six flex points for increased sensation.

Vegan and Eco-Friendly Lube

LUVLOOB Okay Let’s Play Natural Water-Based Lubricant

The LUVLOOB Okay Let’s Play lube is an all-natural water-based personal lubricant, made with organic plant-based ingredients such as soothing Aloe Vera. With that, it’s not just great for the environment but also, your body and sexual enjoyment. It’s non-toxic, non-staining, non-sticky, and both kissable and edible. Safe to use with condoms, we can confidently say that this brand is an excellent choice for those looking for eco-friendly lubricant and tons of slippery fun. 
LUVLOOB Okay Let’s Play

EROS Bio and Vegan Aqua Water-Based Lubricant

EROS Bio and Vegan Aqua is a water-based lubricant that’s been registered by the Vegan Society. It’s been specially formulated for the requirements of vegans, is water-soluble, greaseless, flavourless and odourless. It’s 100 percent natural, made of supreme quality, and provides users with long-lasting bouts of play and a silky yet eco-friendly glide, making it twice as nice.


4 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Sex Life

Now that we’ve covered why eco-friendly sex toys and sexual wellness products are important, and mentioned a few we think you’ll love, let’s take a look at four ways you can enjoy an eco-friendly sex life.

1. Lighting 

To conserve energy, turning the lights off or relying on natural light during your sensual activities is a great way to be eco-friendly. You could also use items made of beeswax which is paraffin-free and free of GMOs, or use sustainably-sourced oils. If you’re going for palm oil, make sure that you can verify the source as being free from deforestation. 

2. Be Mindful

There are multiple approaches to how you enjoy pleasure. From choosing eco-friendly toys, lubes, and condoms to even your bedsheets, take the time to research what you’re buying. In the same token, reducing harm in the production of porn too is a way to be mindful of the environment in terms of what products they use and how they treat their workers.

3. If in Doubt, Ask!

If you’re hovering over a sex toy, lube, or condoms, but you’re not entirely sure if they’re eco-friendly, sustainable, or cruelty-free, ask. Get in touch with us or the manufacturer directly. “It’s important we consider the brands we buy from within the sexual wellness industry as a whole, including sex toys, contraceptive, lube, lingerie, and everything in-between,” says entrepreneur and eco-friendly advocate, Sarah Welsh.

4. Look at the Ingredients

Before you purchase an item, why not take a moment to read the ingredients? Look for non-petroleum-based lubes such as water-based varieties, or those that contain Aloe Vera or coconut oil. At the same time, make sure that your chosen lube is condom-safe and that it won’t degrade its material.

Essentially, it’s not that hard to be more eco-friendly when it comes to your sexual needs and preferences. The world is continuously finding new ways to be kind to the planet, and thus makes it a lot easier for you too to enjoy things in life without leaving a carbon footprint. 

Bottom line? We can all benefit from using sustainable sexual wellness items from the sex toy industry, and sourcing pleasure products that are cruelty-free, recyclable, biodegradable and/or vegan.

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