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Costumes for the couple who has it all

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Takeaway: Costumes are a great way to spice up your sex life!
Want to spice up things with your partner, but already have all the toys you could ask for? Time to introduce costumes! Costumes are a fun and easy way to bring excitement back into the bedroom without needing a user's manual. The best part is - you can be whatever you want to be, from a naughty teacher to a sexy pirate! Here are our favourite costumes at JOUJOU.
Shaken and Not Stirred is the costume for a couple that likes to use alcohol to have fun. You can wear this outfit while making your lover their favourite drinks;  it's sure to catch their eye and have all attention on you! Included are sleeve cuffs and a bow tie to put this look together, but the main piece is where all the magic is at. The bodice is transparent and includes a cutout that starts from between the breasts and works itself all the way down. Serve those drinks and let the fun go from there!
Many of us wanted to be pirates as children but had to give up those dreams for a desk job. Thankfully, we were blessed with adult costumes! Maiden Voyage is a grownup take on pirates, and it's sure to deliver. This maiden is decked out in tasteful frills, ribbons, and has clips to hook onto your favourite thigh high stockings! Pair it with the eyepatch, or even use a whole bandana to cover her eyes and surprise her with every sensation. Great as a gag gift, or the couple who just really likes roleplay! It's a whole new type of booty to chase.
Maids are a classic costume and we see why. Surprise your partner when they get home by slowly cleaning up for them in the Beck and Call costume. Force them to sit and watch until they just can't take it anymore! The Beck and Call is 4 piece, doesn't spare detail, and it’s not modest at all. It includes a bow collar, a thin sash for your hips and keep just a bit hidden, a headpiece, and the best part - 2 maid style pasties. You can show off all of your body but keep the important details hidden for the ultimate tease!
Nothing like a nurse who knows your body better than you do. Miss Diagnosed is here to give you a full body exam! This costume is a classic as well and it’s great for a costume beginner. Modest enough to not feel like you're poking out anywhere unflattering but you will definitely be cheeky. Featuring a heartline cut to draw attention to the breasts, and a short skirt that will flash your partner just enough to make them wild. Another costume for a couple that likes roleplay and is especially ideal for a couple who wants to be fully hands-on!
Sex toys are great but are not the only way to add something new and exciting to your sex life. We all need a break from our day to day lives, and roleplaying as someone else is the fix. Try out some of these costumes and other great ones at JOUJOU to make some of your wildest fantasies come true!

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