The 12 Best Prostate Massagers for Men & How to Use Them

The 12 Best Prostate Massagers for Men & How to Use Them

Prostate play is perhaps the most underrated kind of self care for men, despite the fact that it feels so ridiculously pleasurable. Isn’t that quite tragic? 

This may be because there are some negative connotations attached to prostate stimulation. For one, the backdoor is not entirely as elastic as some may wish it to be. 

And then of course, there’s the age-old rumour that anal play is solely for homosexual males. How silly!

Luckily we’re living in a time where sexual exploration is rife, and more men are jumping on-board when it comes to anal play and prostate massage. 

This is great news, as receiving a prostate massage is actually one of the most intense and arousing experiences a penis-owner can have.

12 Best Anal Prostate Massagers for Men & How to Actually Use Them

Having said that, are you ready to embark on a sexual journey of a lifetime with an anal sex toy? You may be a bit confused about the whole ‘prostate massager’ thing, and that’s okay! We’re here to indulge you! 

Let’s start by discussing the ins and outs of how to use a prostate massager, why it’s so pleasurable, the health benefits of receiving a prostate massage, and exploring a few cheeky prostate massagers for you to start (and continue) your sexual wellness adventure!

What Does a Prostate Orgasm Feel Like?

Every prostate-owner has the power to experience a unique and sensational orgasm via prostate stimulation. For many, it’s been described as an “out-of-body explosion” creating a rush of pleasure. 

A prostate orgasm is like a whole new wave of sensation, creating a mind blowing jolt of euphoria throughout the entire body. And for some men, it’s highly possible to ejaculate during prostate stimulation without even touching their penis!

For some context, let’s compare a penile orgasm to a prostate orgasm. Many agree that a penile orgasm is like a quick yet blissful release, whereas a prostate orgasm is an experience that could literally make your eyes roll in the back of your head, lathering your entire body with pleasure.

A prostate massager, in this sense, will help you achieve harder erections than normal, and result in a super intense climax that’s well worth it.

The verdict? Penile stimulation is entirely erotic, but prostate stimulation is arguably a whole lot better!

Prostate Play

Is it Healthy to Massage Your Prostate?

It is most definitely healthy to massage your prostate, with or without sex toys! In fact, the pleasure experienced is only one of the perks you’ll enjoy if you massage your prostate. 

So, while you get your rocks off, here are some of the other benefits associated with prostate massage:

  • Improvement in men with erectile dysfunction
  • Improved ejaculation
  • Reduced pelvic pain and tension
  • Improved urine flow
  • Treatment for prostatitis 
  • Reduced chance of painful ejaculation
  • Reduced chance of prostate cancer
  • Reduced build up of fluid in the prostate

How to Use a Prostate Massager

If you’re new to this kind of sexual bliss, and want to know how to use a prostate massager, the most important thing is to be completely comfortable and relaxed. 

In this way, being aroused before any stimulation will help you immensely. This is because, when you’re aroused, your prostate will move slightly upwards and backwards as your penis becomes erect.

Then, once arousal is achieved, apply a generous amount of lube to the area. You can then start by inserting your index finger to the first knuckle and masturbating. 

During this process, you should be removing the finger often to apply more lube for absolute comfort. As you become more at ease, you can insert your finger up until your second knuckle, repeating the steps.

After this, and you’re ready to insert the entire finger, search for a rounded lump which is about four inches inside, towards the root of the penis. Voila! You’ve found the prostate. 

You can use circular or up and down motions using the pad of your finger (not the tip), applying gentle pressure for seven to 10 seconds at a time. This will be the best way to introduce yourself to prostate massage and help you in your quest to enjoy prostate massagers.

Once you’re comfortable with the above routine, you can grab your prostate massager, the slimmer the better, and insert it slowly using it just as you would your finger. 

By doing this, you’ll stimulate the prostate even more, giving you the opportunity to experience bigger, stronger, and more powerful prostate orgasms.

How Often Should You Massage Your Prostate?

It’s been said that if one engages in a prostate massage a couple of times a month, they’ll be able to reap all of the rewards associated with it. 

It is advised however to engage in prostate massage less frequently than the amount of sex you’re having. The prostate, just like anything else, needs time to rest and recover. 

That said, you’re also going to want to be very gentle during this kind of massage. Make sure to use plenty of lube, and to take it very slow. If you’re apprehensive, a medical doctor could guide you on how to best practice a prostate massage.

On the other hand, if a penis-owner is living with chronic prostatitis, a prostate massage two to three times per week for the first month has been recommended. The frequency can be reduced as the condition improves. Note that visiting a medical professional is highly advised in the case of (possible) prostatitis.

Is it Wrong for a Straight Male to Use Anal Toys?

Prostate Play for Straight Men

The short answer: absolutely not! In fact, we suggest that all men experiment with anal toys! The stigma surrounding anal sex toys for men and anal penetration has diminished considerably, and today we’re so much more knowledgeable on the pleasure and health benefits attached to it.

Using anal sex toys and enjoying anal penetration is a new and fun way to experience different kinds of pleasure. Whether you’re going for a butt plug, anal beads, a prostate massager, or even being pegged by a partner, straight males who use anal toys will be way more satisfied than straight males who don’t! 

And to put those rumours to rest: anal play is not just enjoyed by homosexual men! This is just a stereotype that’s preventing straight men from basking in all the delicious sensations that anal play brings.

At the very least, we recommend that straight men use an anal toy once in their lives, mimimum. After all, we’re all human and are curious about things that bring us pleasure. 

Some straight men find that they gain arousal when their partner uses a finger during play time—like a teasing introduction to anal penetration, or love it when their lover rims them… this is all part and parcel of the endless euphoria that can be experienced with anal toys. 

And let’s not forget about the fact that the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings! When these nerve endings are stimulated, there’s huge potential to experience massive orgasms and all kinds of pleasure that’s different to penile stimulation. 

Let your curiosity surpass all of the strange ideas people have about straight men using anal toys, you’ll thank us later.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Prostate Massager

Your level of experience with anal stimulation will play a big role in finding the best prostate massager for you. 

Regardless of if you’re a newbie, a seasonal player, or an advanced individual in anal play however, here are some tips to consider when choosing the best prostate massager:

1. Size

For beginners, go for a slimmer prostate massager sex toy, around one inch in diameter or less. For more experienced anal enthusiasts, you could go for a prostate massager that’s a small step up to what you’re currently used to. Either way, it’s always advised to go smaller than larger. Being underwhelmed is better than being uncomfortable. 

2. Hands-Free

Do you want to have a hands-free experience? There are several types of prostate massager sex toys that allow you to engage in a rocking motion, massaging the prostate without assistance. This kind of prostate play does take some time to get used to, and buying a prostate massager with a remote control may make the process a bit easier.

3. The Base

All prostate massagers should have some kind of flared base or an easy-to-hold grip to make it easy to remove. Of course, your experience will be either enhanced or hindered if you have a prostate massager that’s difficult to hold. Consider either a ring-like handle or a flared base, depending on your body and level of comfortability.

4. Public Prostate Play

There are some prostate massagers that can be discreetly worn in public with the use of a remote control. This can be a super arousing thing to do, like a little secret no one has to know about. If you’re interested in this kind of public play, be sure to buy a prostate massager sex toy that has a base that’s comfortable to sit on.

5. Vibrating Prostate Massagers

Some prostate massagers vibrate, adding even more thrill to your prostate play adventures. If you’re unsure if a vibrating prostate massager is for you, you could opt for a prostate massager that has a removable bullet. In this way, you could give it a go to see how you like it, and add or remove the vibrations as and when! All in all however, your level of sexual bliss can be exceedingly higher with a vibrating prostate massager. 

6. Perineum Play

There are also prostate massagers that have a few bells and whistles for extra stimulation. For example, some P-spot toys have a kind of tab built into the base which will stimulate the perineum as well as the prostate. This can be intense yet blissfully erotic. If you’re unsure about perineum stimulation, give it a go by pressing on the area during your next masturbation session or partnered play.

7. Reviews

Reviews are everything! Not just when it comes to choosing a prostate massager, but for any and all products and services today. Take the time to read reviews of the anal toy you’ve got your eye on via various different websites. This will help you make an informed decision and to get an understanding of the kinds of sensations and stimulation you’ll experience if you decide to buy a specific prostate massager.

12 of the Best Prostate Massagers For Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Anal Play Lovers

1. We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

This beginner-friendly, petite anal plug is one of the most thrilling toys to get started with on your prostate massage journey. It comes with all of the delicious features to enhance your experience, and is perfect for either solo play or couples fun (as it comes with a remote control). What’s even more enticing is that it connects effortlessly to the exclusive We-Vibe app, making play time even more sexy.

2. We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager 

Another winner from We-Vibe, the Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager knows how to hit all of the right spots. It’s generously curved for precise anal stimulation, has two motors, and teases not only the prostate but also the perineum. Its head is flexible and adjustable so it’s perfect for all bodies, and can be controlled via the remote control or the We-Vibe app.

3. Lovense Edge 2 Male Prostate Vibrator

Lovense has made a huge name for itself in the sex toy industry, and their Edge 2 Male Prostate Vibrator simply solidifies this fact. It’s Bluetooth-enabled with the use of a remote control, has two motors, can be used hands-free, and has a long thin neck with a larger bulb for that ultimate sense of fullness. With its adjustable head, you can target your prostate with ease. 

4. LELO HUGO Prostate Massager

LELO never fails to disappoint with their line of luxury sex toys. The LELO HUGO Prostate Massager is a gorgeous remote-controlled P-spot pleasure product with eight settings and the inclusion of SenseMotion Technology. This means that you can control the vibrations simply by moving the included remote control. It’s 100 percent waterproof, is made of silky smooth silicone, and has powerful vibrations for some intense anal play.

5. Nexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate Massager  

It rotates, it massages, it pleases! The Nexus Revo Slim Rotating Prostate Massager will make all of your climax dreams come true with its slim shaft and targeted stimulation. But this bad boy doesn’t just stimulate the prostate, it also teases the perineum, creating double the amount of bliss. Enjoy it with a partner with the use of its remote control, in the shower or bath, or during a bout of solo self-care.

6. Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker

For more advanced players, you’ll fall in lust with the Anal Fantasy Elite Ultimate P-Spot Milker. With this wondrous sex toy, you will feel your prostate swell with delight as its curved tip moves in a ‘come hither’ motion. And, as the base rocks back and forth, you’ll feel some super sexy pressure against your perineum for all kinds of erotic pleasure.

7. Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Ass-Gasm Cockring Plug

This budget-friendly cockring doubles up as a prostate massager, so you can expect nothing short of fireworks. Simply wrap the ring around the base of your shaft and balls, which will give you harder and stronger erections, and then insert the tapered plug. If this beauty floats your boat, you can enjoy it during partnered fun or solo masturbation! Dual stimulation, dual ecstasy. 

8. B-Vibe Snug and Tug Cock Ring Prostate Plug

Another cock ring that doubles up as a delicious prostate massager, this premium pleasure product from B-Vibe will take you on a journey of incredibly satisfying orgasms. Its butt plug is weighted for an added sense of fullness, while the cock ring enhances your erections for even more sexual bliss. It’s 100 percent waterproof, and 100 percent body safe, so enjoy it alone or with the one you’re lusting after.

9. Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Vibrating Anal Plug

Kind on your wallet, exceptionally euphoric on your sweet spot, you’ll love the Satisfyer Backdoor Lover Vibrating Anal Plug. And actually, this gorgeous product is genderless, making it a true winner for everyone. It has one powerful motor made for beginners to anal play, and a slightly bent probe that’ll take you to Orgasm Land. It’s whisper-quiet, made of body-friendly silicone, and is IPX7 waterproof.

10. LELO LOKI WAVE Come Hither P-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Bask in the elusive ‘come hither’ sensation with the LELO LOKI WAVE P-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. This hand-held and sleek pleasure product comes with two motors, so it can be enjoyed internally and externally. Internally, you can expect a wave of sensual bliss, while externally, you’ll writhe in erotica as it stimulates your perineum. It’s made of the highest quality body-safe silicone, and is 100 percent waterproof for splashes of cheeky fun.

11. Fun Factory G5 Tiger G-Spot and P-Spot Vibrator

With the push of a button, this Tiger is ready to give you a wild ride! But not to worry, it too is able to adapt according to your needs, making it a gentle pussycat when craved. The Fun Factory G5 is genderless, which means that it’s suitable for all bodies. One can enjoy the subtle ridges on its shaft in a gentle or an intense manner, while its curved end teases and pleases either the G-spot or the P-spot. It’s big, strong, and powerful, yet has a quiet motor for those intimate moments.

12. Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo 

Yet another genderless beauty that’s been made to stimulate either the prostate or the G-spot, you’ll love the Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo! It’s been created with the perfect curve to hit your favourite spot, and because of its gorgeous design and storage capabilities, is a touch of luxury everyone deserves. It’s made of medical-grade stainless steel, and is actually one of many stainless steel dildos that are sultry and sensuous. Be sure to check out the anal-focused stainless steel pleasure products by Le Wand for even more anal adventures.

So, dear adventurer, the time has come to for you to go forth and enjoy all of the erotic and pleasurable sensations that come with prostate stimulation. Go slow, enjoy the ride, and find your bliss!

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