Best New Sex Toys!

Best New Sex Toys!

JOUJOU has a wide selection of toys covering every person, couple, and a huge variety of kinks. It's likely you already have a full wish list of JOUJOU toys! We always have new products coming in though so it's time to expand that list just a little more. Here are some new toys for you to try out and enjoy.

Wish is a charming little toy. One rounded end makes it easy to hold on to while the tapered end gives you shivers all up and down. It's body safe and totally waterproof meaning the fun can join you in the bath as well. Wish is perfect to use alone or with a partner and is guaranteed to make you wild when dragged across your most sensitive areas. Adjust this toy from a slow and soft vibration all the way up to an intense and rapid one! It's a great toy for foreplay and should be in everyone's toy box.

Penis rings are a classic and well loved by all. Verge is even more than that. This ring not only vibrates but also is specially designed to massage the perineum. The perineum is located between the testicles and anus and when it's stimulated it can make orgasms even stronger. This is another toy that's great to use by yourself or with a partner, and should absolutely be part of your collection. If you don't want the constant stimulation you can simply rotate the toy around and leave it as an option for later too!

It's no secret that prostate stimulation is a mind blower! But not all massagers are created equally. The Loki Prostate Massager is designed with a tapered tip for more pin pointed stimulation. The base has also been flared to give the user more external stimuli too for a better finish. Choose different vibration settings to meet your tastes and play with giving and taking pleasure. And the cherry on top? This toy is 100% waterproof too so the fun goes anywhere you do!

Vibrators come in all different shapes and sizes, but I bet you haven't seen one like this before! The Infinit has 3 different adjustable arms, with independent motors and controls. This amazing toy allows a huge variety of ways to stimulate yourself, there's no way you could ever get bored with it. This toy means each arm can go in different locations and be set at different intensities. Enjoy clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation at various speeds. Have 2 in a section for concentrated power while another is placed somewhere else to tie it all together. The possibilities are endless!

New toys are super exciting, even if they are only on your wish list right now. These toys will either renew your energies or add a whole new element to your sex life! JOUJOU has lots of other new and great toys listed too so be sure to check those out as well.
Article by Sara at JOUJOU

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