The 10 Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

The 10 Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

In this day and age (aka a more sex-positive world), there’s simply no reason to feel weird, strange, or any shame surrounding anal play. 

Whether you’re intrigued by anal stimulation, are enticed by the idea of butt sex, or are looking for different anal sex positions, we take our hats off to you. You’re essentially allowing yourself to enter new realms of pleasure. 

And actually, anal sex can be a transcendent experience, giving you new kinds of sexual sensations you never knew possible. 

In other words, if you’re new here, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it… that’s what we say!

The 10 Best Backdoor Sex Positions for Beginners & Experts

So, to get you started on your anal sex journey, or to merely give you new and exciting tips on how to amplify your anal sex experience, we’re here to give you the 411 on everything “anal sex”. 

We’ll go through a little play-by-play with an introduction to anal sex, then move onto some erotic and super satisfying anal sex positions for beginners, and anal sex positions for anal play experts. 

Here’s to bigger, better, and more heightened arousal with these best anal sex positions.

Introduction to anal sex

For the newbies, or those who are beginners to anal sex, let’s dive into the basics for you. 

Anal sex is any sexual activity that involves the anus. And contrary to what many may believe, it doesn’t only mean that there is penetration involved by a penis-owner. Anal sex can be enjoyed with the use of sex toys, fingers, or even a tongue. 

Anal sex, also contrary to what many believe, is also not an act that need be enjoyed by a certain gender or sexual orientation. 

Anal sex is fun for any and everyone because guess what? We all have the pleasure of enjoying it! It’s the kind of activity that can give all individuals different types of sensations that are completely different to what they’re used to. 

As per the myth that only gay men can and do engage in anal sex. Well, that’s simply it… a myth! With information, time, and the right education, we hope that all individuals, of any gender or sexual orientation, remove the stigma surrounding anal play. 

Anal Sex for Cisgendered Men

Enjoying anal sex as a cisgendered straight man has zero connotations of being homosexual. And actually, for those who see it that way and thus actively refuse to participate in it because of this reason, are missing out on some incredible sexual sensations. 

This is because, in cisgendered men, anal play has the power to stimulate their prostate. Prostate orgasms are unlike any other type of orgasm, including penile orgasms, and have the capacity to give one a full-body orgasm. 

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland, located inside the anus of cisgendered men, just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. When it’s stimulated, it will increase in size, making the sensations even more powerful. 

And then, when sexual release is experienced, a fluid called prostaic fluid is released, which is essentially ejaculating without sperm. The body will then shudder in ecstasy and you’ll never look back.

Plus, besides the fact that anal sex is a treat for cisgendered men when prostate stimulation is involved, it also has a slew of positive health benefits:

  • It can help ease symptoms of prostatitis, which is when the prostate is swollen and inflammed. You could identify prostatitis if you feel pain when you pee and discomfort around your groin and pelvis.
  • It can ease pressure and swelling because it releases fluid that builds up in the prostate.
  • It could help treat erectile dysfunction because it involves an improvement of blood flow.
  • It could help with urine flow if the prostate is inflamed.
  • It could alleviate painful ejaculation.
  • It could reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer.

Anal Sex for Cisgendered Women

For cisgendered women, anal sex and anal stimulation too is entirely arousing. The anus is rife with nerve endings that make anal orgasms simply euphoric. 

And actually, a 2010 study found that, of 31 percent of women who’d engaged in anal sex during their most recent sexual encounter, 94 percent had an orgasm. Isn’t that amazing?

But that’s not the perk of cisgendered women having anal sex. You see, when they do enjoy anal stimulation, two other sexual spots are stimulated; the G-Spot and the A-spot. If you’re unfamiliar with these spots, allow us to elaborate…

The G-spot (which is short for the Gräfenberg spot) is part of the clitoral network. And for many women, clitoral stimulation is often needed in order to orgasm.

The G-spot is located about an inch or so inside of the vaginal opening, on the upper vaginal wall, closest to the belly button. Now, we know what you’re thinking… how can this spot be stimulated via anal sex? Well, “There are shared nerves from the anterior wall of the rectum to the vagina,” says Dr. Loanzon.

And then there’s something called the A-Spot. The A-spot is technically known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone, and is a pleasurable patch of sensitive tissue right at the inner ends of the vaginal tube, between the cervix and the bladder. 

The A-spot can also be stimulated via anal penetration, as it too sits on the front wall of the vagina. The A-spot is actually much deeper than the G-spot, so it has the ability to cause different sensations.

Now can you imagine experiencing three kinds of pleasure at once? That is, feeling the bliss of all those anal nerve endings being stimulated, plus the G-spot and the A-spot, all in unison? Wow! Simply incredible.

As a side note: we need to stress that, no matter your gender or sexual orientation, lube is absolutely essential when it comes to enjoying butt sex. 

Unlike the vagina that naturally produces lubrication, the anus does not. 

Without lubrication, you’ll definitely feel pain and absolute discomfort, which may hinder you from ever wanting to try it again. You simply must have a generous amount of lube on-hand for any anal play.

How to consider if anal sex is right for you and your partner

By now, we’ve hopefully sold you on the benefits and sheer deliciousness of enjoying anal sex. If not, let’s take a walk together and consider whether anal sex is right for you and your partner. 

Firstly, if you’re interested in or love anal stimulation, you could simply enjoy it alone, using an anal sex toy. So, if you’re on-board but your partner is not, why not treat yourself during your self-love sessions and enjoy the endless benefits of this kind of play?

Solo fun aside, for partners, it’s a different story. Both need to be on the same page, with absolute consent and enthusiasm. This is why we advise that you approach the topic with care and compassion. 

If you’re talking about having anal sex for the first time, try to create a judgement-free space, and allow yourselves to talk freely. Gauge the interest of your partner, and talk about the benefits that you’ve read about today.

Then, have a little think… do you think anal sex is right for you and your partner? Do you believe that both of you will be open-minded and intrigued enough to try it? 

After all, anal sex does take some time to get used to, and requires a bit of patience until it gets really good. (The anus isn’t as elastic as the vagina, so anal training or experiencing shallow anal stimulation is required for a bit in order to ease or remove discomfort).

Another thing to consider is preconceived notions or beliefs that you and your partner have about anal sex. 

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of straight cisgendered men have the belief that anal stimulation is for gay men. And those aren’t the only beliefs that people hold. Some may have beliefs that anal sex is for promiscuous individuals, or that it’s “wrong” to engage in anal sex. This could be from childhood beliefs, or due to religious or other reasons.

If you or your partner have any feelings of shame or guilt surrounding anal stimulation, you could spend more time reading up about it, and remind yourself that sex in any capacity with someone you love or adore is a beautiful thing. 

We have the power to change our beliefs and values, especially those that do not serve you. It may be hard, but at JOUJOU, we honestly believe that anal sex is an experience that is otherworldly, and sexual pleasure is a basic need.

The 5 best anal positions for beginners

And now, if you’re ready to embark on a new journey, and want to experience all kinds of fun and pleasurable butt stuff, we’re here to let you in on the 5 best anal positions for beginners. No need to fumble or fail when you’ve got this handy guide on-hand!

But, before we dive into the these anal sex positions for beginners, we’d love to share with you things that you can do to make the experience as erotic and enjoyable as possible. 

So, instead of simply going for it, doing things that’ll help your sphincter muscle (a thin muscle that wraps around the anal canal) relax beforehand will be super beneficial. 

You could try these things before full-on butt sex:

  • Start with a lubed finger, just the tip, moving deeper inside very slowly. this could be your own or your partner’s
  • Once you’re comfortable with one finger inside of you, you can try a thrusting movement in and out with one finger
  • After this, add a second finger and continue thrusting, at a comfortable pace
  • Use anal training sex toys to slowly get used to the sensation on your own and in your own time in preparation for anal sex (more on that later)

Then, when you’re ready for the main event… 

Anal Sex Positions for Beginners 

Before we tell you about all of the different anal sex positions for beginners, we want to place emphasis on the first one and the fifth one. 

These anal sex positions will allow the one being penetrated to have full control over the speed and depth. Once you feel comfortable with those, we recommend going on an adventure with the others.

1. Cowgirl Anal Sex

Cowgirl Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

To practice the cowgirl anal sex position with your partner, the one giving penetration will get comfortable on their back. Then, the one receiving anal stimulation will get into the cowgirl position, straddle their partner, then actively place the penis or sex toy inside of them. The most important thing here however is not only that you apply lots of lube, but also that you make sure the one giving penetration does not thrust at all. The receiver should have complete control, while the giver remains still. Remember: take your time, anal sex is an adventure that requires patience and experimentation.

2. Spooning Anal Sex

Spooning Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

Next on our list of best anal sex positions for beginners is an oldie but a goodie. Spooning sex, in general, allows both partners to slow down and enjoy the process, so it’s only apt that it’d make a great first time anal sex position. To practice it, the one receiving anal stimulation will be on their side, positioning one hip farther forward than the other. In this way, the giver can place one hip and leg over the receiver, entering them slowly and passionately. This position is also great because it allows for all kinds of other play, for example wrapping one’s arm around to reach for their partner’s clitoris or to play with their balls or penis. 

3. Doggy Style Anal Sex

Doggy Style Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

Another oldie but a goodie, doggy style anal sex can be entirely fulfilling if, and only if, the giver takes it slow. And while we do love a session of doggy style anal, it does allow for deep penetration, which is why the giver needs to be mindful of how deep and fast they’re going. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner if any pain or discomfort is felt, and we recommend doing this beginner’s anal sex position with someone you trust and are comfortable with.

4. Missionary Position Anal Sex

Missionary Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

It may sound vanilla, but enjoying missionary position anal sex is a way of adding in a bit of spice to your sex routine. And actually, it’s a really great way to get started in the world of anal play. To practice it, grab a few pillows so that you can prop your butt up and lower your torso off the bed. If you’d like, you could rest your ankles over the giver’s shoulders, but of course each couple will find their best style during this kind of missionary sex. Then, allow them to enter you in a way that feels enjoyable and take your time.

5. Lap Dance Anal Sex

Lap Dance Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

This is an excellent anal sex position to try for newbies because, just like the cowgirl anal sex position, it gives the receiver the ability to control the speed, rhythm, and depth. To do this anal sex position for beginners, have the giver of penetration sit down on a chair, sofa, or on the edge of the bed. Then the receiver can slowly move their buttocks onto their partner’s lap, and slowly experiencing the bliss of anal play. Just like the cowgirl anal position, the receiver will do the thrusting, not the giver. 

The 5 best anal positions for anal play experts

For those who’ve been waiting patiently for new anal sex positions to try because you’re already an anal play expert, now is your time to shine. Let’s skip to the good part, and introduce you to anal sex positions for anal play experts that’ll blow your mind, and your load!

1. Tucked Missionary Anal Sex

Tucked Missionary

We love the Tucked Missionary anal sex position because it offers the element of intimacy whilst enjoying the sheer bliss that is anal stimulation. “It’s a nice way to learn to read each other in order to maximise pleasure,” says Dr. Goldstein. Why do we recommend this for anal play experts? Well, it doesn’t give the receiving partner all of the control. That means that both partners can thrust and move together, because they’re already in-the-know first-hand of how incredible anal play can be. To practice it, if you’re the one receiving anal stimulation, you will lay on your back and your partner will nestle between your legs. Then, you will draw your knees to your chest, and allow your partner to enter you.

2. Bed-Edge Froggie Anal Sex 

Bed Edge Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

For an adventurous bout of anal sex, this one can provide a lot of deep penetration. This is because the receiver will squat down, lean forward and have their hands steady on a surface, such as a bed. If it helps, the giver can hold the receiver in-place for more balance. Once in place, the receiver can enter the receiver and use whatever speed or thrust that feels magical. Why is this a sex position for anal play experts? Because with this “frog” position the receiver sits in such a way that it opens up the anus, allowing for bigger and deeper thrusts.

3. Burning Man Anal Sex Position

Burning Man Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

If the receiver is ready to give up all control, and allow their partner to thrust as hard, fast and deep as they please, then the Burning Man anal sex position is perfect. To practise it, simply find a table or a sofa to lean on top of, and then have your partner come up right behind you in a standing position. Because you’re bending over, they’ll have all kinds of access to play as hard as they like, thrusting in ecstasy. We love this anal sex position for anal play experts because it’s wild, it’s rough, and it’s full of all kinds of sexual bliss potential.

4. Pearly Gates Anal Sex

Pearly Gates Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

Want to see those pearly gates as you imibibe the anal sex experience? This position for expert players will have you seeing it all, as it gives cisgendered women the ability to enjoy G-spot and A-spot stimulation with ease, due to the angles you’re in. To practise it, the giver will be on their back with their legs spread apart, using their feet to plant themselves in a steady position. The receiver will sit on top of their partner (facing away from them), allow anal penetration, and then lay back ontop of the giver. This is such a freeing and comfortable anal sex position, and also gives both partners the chance to stretch their arms out, or even have the giver reach and stimulate their lover’s front whilst pleasuring their back.

5. Jockey Anal Sex

 Best Anal Positions For Beginners and Anal Play Experts

Another anal sex position for experts is the Jockey. This is because it gives the giver full control, so they can thrust and go as deep or as hard as they desire. It’s easy to enjoy, and requires the receiver to be on their stomach with their legs together and relaxed. The giver will then straddle the receiver whilst on their knees, leaning right over the receiver at an angle that allows ultimate entry. This anal play expert position is also amazing, as it allows the giver to grab their partner’s hair or shoulders for an even wilder ride.

Toys that can enhance your anal play

Now that you’ve found one or more anal positions that’ll tantalise and tease both you and your partner, why not add in a prop or two to enhance your anal play? 

There are so many blissful anal sex toys that do different things, for beginners and experienced players, so let’s take a little gander through these sexy items for even better butt sex.

Beginner Anal Toys & Props to Enhance Your Anal Play

Shop JOUJOU: NS NOVELTIES Glams Mini Gems Butt Plug

Glams Mini Gem Butt Plug

It’s small, it’s pretty in design with a colourful and cute sparkling gem, and is the perfect way to prepare either solo or with a partner for anal sex. This gem of an anal sex toy is made of body-safe silicone and has a soft exterior. It’s tapered for your comfort, and pairs effortlessly with all lubricants. 

Shop JOUJOU: Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Beginners Butt Plug

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Beginner’s Butt Plug

Newbies looking to get into the world of anal bliss will revel in the Fetish Fantasy Beginner’s Butt Plug. It has an elegant appearance, and has been designed in such a way that entry is easy and the base is wide for safe removal. It’s a small butt plug for beginners that’ll pave the way for all of your butt sex adventures.

Shop JOUJOU: Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners ANAL BEADS KIT

Anal Fantasy Collection Beginner’s Anal Beads Kit

Anal beads are a great way to explore anal stimulation, especially the beginner’s kit from Anal Fantasy. They’ve curated a collection of three different types of anal beads, so that you can work your way from the smallest to the largest. These anal beads will not only prepare you for your first anal sex experience, but are also fun to use with a partner.

Anal Toys & Props for Experienced Players

 Shop JOUJOU: WeVibe Ditto Anal Plug

We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug

Want to take your anal play to a new level? With the We-Vibe Ditto Anal Plug you have the luxury of enjoying all the feel-good sensations of anal play with your partner… who will have all control. How so? This anal plug comes with a remote control! It vibrates, and adds in a variety of different anal stimulation sensations. Choose between gentle rumbles or more intense vibrations and have an absolute blast giving up or taking all control with your lover.

Shop JOUJOU: Anal Fantasy Collection Ass Gasm Cock Ring Prostate Plug

Anal Fantasy Collection Ass Gasm Cock Ring Prostate Plug

Give and receive with the Anal Fantasy Collection Ass Gasm Cock Ring Prostate Plug. For penis owners, this cock ring doesn’t just give you harder, stronger, and longer lasting erections for uninhibited sex with your lover, it also gives you prostate stimulation at the same time! It’s made of body-safe silicone, and is ready to take your sexy play time from zero to hero, for all involved.

 Shop JOUJOU: Njoy Pure Plug - Stainless Steel Plug

Njoy Pure Plug Stainless Steel Plug

Fall in lust with a stainless steel butt plug that you can enjoy with your lover during play time, or even wear all day for a secret no one will know. We love Njoy’s range of butt plugs because they’re large and in charge, high end, and allow you to dabble in a bit of temperature play. How naughty is that? And if you choose to spoil yourself or a lover with this butt plug, it comes with a satin-lined hinged presentation box for safe-keeping as well as a satin tray insert for that added bit of luxury. 

Butt Sex Essentials

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced anal sex player, these are the essentials that all who enjoy this practice will need.

Shop JOUJOU: Anal Fantasy Collection EZ Clean Enema

Anal Fantasy Collection EZ Clean Enema

To prepare for all of the fun you’re about to have, it’s strongly advised that the receiver of anal sex use an enema or a douche beforehand, simply to reduce the chances of any accidents mid-play. The Anal Fantasy Collection EZ Clean Enema has a squeeze bulb that is pliable, and an applicator that can easily be screwed onto the top of the bulb. It’s a slim enema, making it safe and comfortable, especially for anal play beginners. Simply fill the bulb with liquid then squeeze the bulb to release.

Shop JOUJOU: Nexus Anal Douche Pro

Nexus Anal Douche Pro

For a deep and stimulating clean, the Nexus Anal Douche Pro has a large bulb, perfect for anal play experts, and a curved nozzle that fits comfortably within the body. The best part? As you douche, you’ll experience prostate stimulation! A two-in-one winner, for sure.

Shop JOUJOU: Pjur Analyse Me Comfort Water Anal Glide 100ml

Pjur Analyse Me Comfort Water Anal Glide

For those who want to go hard, the Pjur Analyse Me Comfort Water Anal Glide is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It can be used with all kinds of sex toys without any issues, or could simply be used on the body to give that effortless glide into anal stimulation ecstasy. Another pro? It’s compatible with latex, and suitable for daily use.




Intimate Earth Ease Relaxing Anal Silicone Lubricant

Intimate Earth has made their Ease Relaxing Anal Silicone Lubricant so that you can experience anal sex with confidence and enjoyment. It’s perfect for beginners as it contains Bisabolol, a natural extract from the chamomile plant that has healing and muscle relaxing properties. In this way, your first experience and beyond can be more soothing and pleasurable. 

And now, with all of the above information for beginners and anal play experts, are you ready to imbibe a night of passion with your lover? 

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to anal sex positions, the ins and outs of anal stimulation, and perhaps found an anal sex toy or two that you love! 

Have fun and remember: go slow and enjoy the ride.

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