7 Sex-Related Podcasts You Need in Your Life in 2020

7 Sex-Related Podcasts You Need in Your Life in 2020

If you’re all about after-dark antics, stories, folk offering sex advice, and chats you can relate to when it comes to everything in-the-sheets, you’re going to absolutely love these seven podcasts.

Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, whether you’re getting some or not, you’ll surely get a bit of what you’re after from one or more of these creative and fun channels.

Let’s dive into the list while being thankful for the Internet and the people who have absolutely no shame to share every last detail of their intimate lives with millions of strangers… 

1. We Gotta Thing

This podcast is run by a sex-positive married couple who go by the name Mr and Mrs. Jones (if that’s their real name, who knows). And what they’re all about is living a non-monogymous sex life. 

They claim to be living the lifestyle for six years, and while they openly state they’re by no means professionals, they do love to share their experiences and give advice on the topic of being social swingers.

Want to enter the world of swinging, or are intrigued by this lifestyle? Then this podcast was made for you.

2. Fangasm

For those who love fanfiction and erotica, Fangasm is your new favourite podcast! In it, three friends read and discuss erotic fanfiction. And with a tagline of: “Pop culture just popped a boner,” you can be sure that you’re in for a very fantasy-driven ride through bone town. 

To demonstrate some of their quirkiness, they’ve got drawings of popular books with porno names on their website. Twatlight, Shercock, Saved by the Balls, and The Wanking Dead, to name a few. Saddle up for some laughs and an adequate amount of arousal.

3. Girls Gotta Eat

Just two girls who have an insatiable love for food… and talking about the different men that they date. 

Rayna and Ashley, the co-founders of Girls Gotta Eat, are pretty open about the fact that “If we’ve dated or are going to date you in the future, you will be talked about on this podcast.” Beware!

4. Turn Me On

Poly married couple, Jeremie and Bryde, leave no stone unturned when it comes to the topic of sex. They chat about sexual pleasure in an intelligent manner that’s also set to induce lots of laughs and a bit of pillow talk.

These two indeed appear to be natural entertainers by the look of their website, as Bryde confidently holds a magic wand sex toy as if it were a microphone on their homepage. 

Some of their previous podcast titles include: Shameless Hussy, Our First Unicorn, and Chunk to Hunk, so there’s something to look forward to.

5. The Manwhore Podcast

Have you ever wanted to ask an ex why you think you two didn’t work out? Well, Billy Procida of The Manwhore Podcast did just that… 

This podcast, with a tagline of, “A Sex-Positive Quest for Love,” has been going strong for six years. It’s proved so successful in fact, that there’s even an event called ManwhoreCon that takes place in New York City in August 2020!

6. Sex with Strangers

This podcast, run by a trio of two ladies and one gent, describe their show by saying: “Black millennials plus sex equals fucking comedy”. It’s a series run by grown folk for grown folk, and covers everything from sex, relationships, and other grown up things.

They too have a New York live show coming up… when the coast is clear (looking at you COVID-19), so stay tuned for that.

7. Come Together: Sex Talks by LELO

Last but not least, the luxury sex toy brand, LELO, has their own podcast called Come Together: Sex Talks by LELO. It’s run by Love Island star, Olivia Attwood and The Only Way is Essex star, Bobby Norris, which already indicates that it’ll be a good time.

Together, these two interview guests, talk about sex and pleasure, and just have an all-round good time!

Ready to get those engines revving with these intimate, interesting, hilarious, and sexy podcasts? 


Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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