7 Christmas Gifts for Your Male Partner

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Takeaway: I’ve already compiled a list of sexy gifts for women and now it’s the men’s turn. Give your relationship a fun twist this holiday season by surprising your man with a sex toy just for him!

The Christmas season is upon us and you’re pondering what to give your man. In my last article I talked about how to gift give for a new female partner - the delicate balance between not too expensive but not too thoughtless, no pressure but still appreciative. Now I’ve compiled a list just for male partners - the perfect toys to enjoy together or for him to enjoy while fantasising about you! An erotic gift is ideal for a new relationship, when the passion is at its most intense and you’re still getting to know one another. A sex toy as a gift will keep the relationship lighthearted and fun during the pressures of the holidays.

  1. Variety Pack 6 Eggs. I’ve talked about these treasure eggs in a previous article, but they definitely deserve a reminder on this list as well. Each egg has a surprise texture inside, so it’s like unwrapping a new gift with every use! They can be used only on the head of the penis, or you can stretch the sleeve down the entire shaft. The eggs are intended for one time uses but if you clean and handle them carefully they can last for several sessions!

  2. Blewit. Everything about this toy says gift! The Blewit is a discreetly designed toy, created to accommodate everyone. The octagon shape is ideal for both right and left handed people, small or large hands. The aesthetically pleasing shape means the Blewit is easy to conceal, making it the perfect Christmas present, especially for someone who has limited storage space. It could even be left out on a nightstand and visitors would think it was a speaker or other wireless device.

  3. Pile 3D by Tenga is similar to the Blewit in design and if someone stumbled upon it in your apartment, they would never know it’s a sex toy!  It’s three-dimensional with a series of nodules to easily control with whatever pressure you choose for maximum pleasure. It’s similar enough to the previous toy that the ultimate choice in these two items will come down to price or design choice - the Pile resembles an art sculpture or a candle and is a third of the price because it relies on manual stimulation.

  4. Pulse II Duo. This remote controlled couple’s toy is a great addition to the gift pile under your tree! Pulse Duo was constructed to wrap around either a flaccid or erect penis with its silicone wings. There are 5 vibration patterns and 9 speeds to choose from. It can be remotely controlled from 4 meters away and is also waterproof, so there’s a lot of fun to be had with this toy and is a fun nod to men in an industry that usually provides the remote control options for female consumer toys.

  5. Sono No.28 Anal Chain. An anal chain is off the chain! You can give these soft anal beads to a curious partner that wants to ease into the erotic world of anal play! This and the next toy are great to give in a sexually passionate relationship with two partners who are excited to explore and experiment together.

  6. The Bootie. Created to be both durable and firm, the Bootie is a small butt plug perfect for both the beginner and the experienced.

  7. Prostate Massager. This toy is for people that have more experience with anal stimulation. Gift them this vibrating massager that stimulates both the perineum and the prostate for maximum pleasure. Enjoy as a couple to make your Christmas even sexier!

And there you have seven great gift ideas for a new male partner! Give him a Christmas he’ll never forget that becomes a foundation for many years of adventure together!
Article by Miranda at JOUJOU


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