6 Reasons Why You Should Be Having More Sex

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Having More Sex

Let’s face it, good sex is something many of us hope to attain. And finding a partner with whom you share passionate fun with between the sheets, is definitely a reason to smile. Which is why we have some good news that’ll leave all the sex lovers rejoicing! In fact, we have six pieces of good news!

With the following proven benefits, we hope to remove any negative stigma attached to the sideways tango, and empower everyone to enjoy the beautiful art of sex, because it really is a pleasure we all deserve.


  1. Brings Good Health

Believe it or not, the doctor actually recommends a good dose of fun with your partner. No, really! A study printed in the American Journal of Cardiology revealed that men who enjoyed sex two times per week were at less risk of experiencing a stroke or a heart attack than those who had sex less than once a month.

How so? Having sex helps keep the hormones estrogen and testosterone in balance. It is when the production of one or both of these hormones start to drop that you see cardiovascular problems.


  1. It’s A Natural Pain Relief

For those who like to use the age-old excuse of denying sex due to a headache – your argument is no longer valid. This is because having sex actually blocks pain.

How so? When you orgasm, the brain releases a hormone that increases your pain threshold by up to 108%, making it a very suitable and fun analgesic.

But even if you aren’t able to achieve orgasm, simply stimulating the vagina alone can reduce the dreaded pain of menstrual cramps and headaches!

So, in short, ditch the Tylenol and enjoy some sexy time with your partner instead.


  1. It Makes You Smarter

Yet another reason to enjoy a healthy dose of sex? It makes you smarter! A study conducted on rodents showed that, those who engaged in sexual activity, had an increase in neurons in the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memory).

Also, a study that took place by researchers at the University of Amsterdam found that being sexually active may have a positive effect on one’s analytical thinking skills! Having a hard time working on your problem-solving skills? Sex is the most enticing answer.


  1. It Enhances Your Sense of Smell

Interestingly, one’s sense of smell is heightened after sex. This is because the hormone, prolactin, is released after the deed which causes new neurons to form in the olfactory bulb (nerve tissue responsible for our sense of smell). This then makes us more receptacle to how we understand and react to various smells.

 This is quite a remarkable finding too, as our sense of smell is the least understood of our five senses.


  1. It Promotes Great Skin and Hair & A Natural Glow

If you’re hoping to find the next solution to combat ageing (that doesn’t cost a penny), sex is the answer. A study conducted in Scotland revealed that couples who engaged in a healthy amount of sex (three or more times a week), had a younger appearance than those who did not. In fact, they looked around 10 years younger than their actual age.

Additionally, having sex improves the quality of one’s hair and skin. This is because the hormone, estrogen, is released during an orgasm and has a direct effect on the quality of one’s hair and skin.

Sex also increases one’s blood circulation, giving you a beautiful and natural glow.


  1. It Decreases Stress and Brings Happiness

A magical cure to reduce stress… is to have sex! When we are sexually active, endorphins are released – the hormone responsible for our happiness. This hormone enhances one’s mood and lowers stress.

In actuality, researchers found that those who had enjoyed sex 24 hours prior were able to tackle stressful situations more effectively, such as public speaking, than those who did not.

For that reason, we strongly recommend enjoying sex with your partner on a regular basis – not only because it is tons of fun, but because it has proven benefits that will enhance your quality of life and make you look and feel wonderful!


Article by:
Helena Lorimer, Sexual Health and Wellness Expert at JOUJOU

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