5 Useful Apps for Better, Wilder Sex

5 Useful Apps for Better, Wilder Sex


Having sex is an activity as old as time itself. But with time comes progression, change, and new technology. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on which way you look it, but at JOUJOU we’re all about enhancing the sexual experience with the use of technology!

For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of smartphone apps that’ll get your motor running, and help you to get even more hot and heavy in the bedroom. All hail the smartphone!


Made solely for couples who’re looking to reconnect, this app has been formulated to strengthen relationships and to bring back the once-bright spark that you shared with your partner.

How so? With its collection of playful audio exercises for couples can work through. With the help of sex therapists, coaches and and Tantra experts, each episode has a theme to follow.

One such example is: Dance of Sensuality – Reveal Your Inner Dancer. In this episode, sexologist Pyasa Neko Siff prompts couples to reclaim their erotica through sensual dance. Need a boost? A Fetish Fantasy Stripper Pole may just make this exercise even more spicy!

Each episode is around 20 minutes long, and encourages couples to be creative while feeling safe and free.


69 Places

Tired of banging it out in the comfort of your own home? Do you feel like a challenge? Perhaps you’re in the mood for some excitement with the possibility of getting caught or even…watched? Then the app, 69 Places is for you!

This app provides you with various public places to do the deed, fitting into several categories such as: In The Home, Outdoors, Public Places, Sporting Venues, Transportation and more.

With interesting instructions for each location chosen, this app will surely ignite quite a sexy fire!

“Who says books are the only things to be read at the library? Be the encyclopaedia and show your partner everything you know.”



Fantasy is a lifestyle app that provides “a positive and open space for new experiences”.  

It’s a dating app for sexually curious couples and singles who wish to meet people who want to explore the same fantasies as you do in a safe, consensual and healthy manner that is beyond the norm.  

So whether you’re pining for a threesome, or perhaps want to get more acquainted with the world of BDSM, Fantasy allows you to explore without judgement.



Explore together, discover each other,” is what Kindu is all about. An app that was made to empower couples to find fantasies and kinks that they have in common in a non-threatening way.

It does this by offering various cards to individuals who are paired with their partners on the app. By choosing a card, you are asked various romantic questions to which you can answer yes, no, or maybe. Then, if you and your partner have both answered yes to a question, you’ll both be notified.

An easy and fun way to discover (or even re-discover) your nearest and dearest, we’d say! Compliment your wild nights with a sexy toy that goes zzzz in the night!



This remote-controlled app is possibly the best way to ‘stay in touch’ with the one you lust for while long distance.

It’s a way in which for one to have control over their partner’s toy vibrations from near or far, with the click of a button. Create custom patterns and save them for future pleasure!

And it’s as easy as pie to use too. Simply Invite someone to play, have fun with the features and speeds for the toy in question, or even send text or voice messages to heighten their pleasure. Yet another amazing advance in technology and sex, don’t you agree?

As we conclude five apps for better, wilder sex, we’d love to mention that sex can be just as sensual and mind-blowing sans a smart phone. And we’re all about the hands-free fun!

The Dame Eva II Hands-Free Silicone Clitoral Vibrator is a small yet powerful toy that’ll give her clitoral stimulation during sex. It conveniently tucks in under the labia to keep it in place, and gives that extra boost for intense and pleasurable fun in the sheets!

Article by:
Helena at JOUJOU

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