30 Best Male Sex Toys: A Guide to Men’s Solo Pleasure

30 Best Male Sex Toys: A Guide to Men’s Solo Pleasure

Men, there are a slew of male sex toys out there for an array of exceedingly pleasant bliss. And if you’re on the fence about male sex toys, or you think that the market is solely geared towards women’s sex toys, you’re sorely mistaken! 

In reality, if there’s a way in which to stimulate, tease and please the male genitalia, there’s a sex toy that’ll make it entirely better. 

And while there’s still a stigma or taboo surrounding male sex toys, we’ve long since let go of this notion. It’s like double standards—outdated and close-minded thinking that doesn’t really serve a purpose in today’s world. 

Follow us for a journey into the 30 best male sex toys and pick your posion… 

A Guide to Men’s Solo Pleasure

From masturbators, vibrating masturbators, and prostate massagers, to vibrating cock rings and beyond, there’s a muse with your name on it. 

Enjoy these pleasure products solo (or with a partner) and transform your play time. 

Male Sex Toys: Masturbators

Masturbators are sex toys for men that simply compliment your masturbation game. It’s like a helping hand to turn your somewhat average sessions into sexier, more erotic ones. Masturbators are usually fairly easy to use and make for a perfect companion during your bouts of solo fun.

1. Tenga Spinner

A unique textured gel sleeve, aka masturbation sleeve, that twists and turns when you insert yourself, the Tenga Spinner adds in an erotic touch to your self-love game. It has three different textures to try, each motion bringing you to orgasmic bliss.
Tenga Spinner

2. Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) White

The Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) White is a masturbator with a seamless insertion point and a perfect seal (which means no lubricant leakage). It has a strong vacuum made possible by a one-way valve, intricate internal detail for all kinds of different sensations, and an elegant design. And if you’re intrigued by the Tenga Flip 0 (White), but looking for something a little stronger, take a peek at the Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Black, which comes with the same delicious features as the White, yet is more intense for even bigger bouts of pleasure.
Tenga Flip 0

3. Tenga Reusable Vacuum Cups

This beaut has a suction mechanism and a removable sleeve that makes it oh so pleasurable whilst easy to clean. It works by using an airflow structure that gives off amazing sensations, and comes in three different strengths; gentle (white), regular (red), or strong (black). Each contains their own unique internal structures and chambers for the kind of stimulation you crave.
TENGA Reusable Vacuum Cup

4. Satisfyer Masturbator Egg

Small, petite, yet powerful, the Satisfyer Masturbator Egg has a skin-like texture that massages the shaft and the tip. Inside, you’ll find shapes that give off new and exciting sensations, as well as cyberskin. What does the latter mean? No lube required! And because of its travel-size, you’ll have an excellent sexual companion whenever you fancy a pick-me-up.
Satisfyer Masturbator Eggs

Male Sex Toys: Vibrating Masturbators

Vibrating masturbators are like masturbators, except they vibrate. And do you know what it’s like to experience masturbation with something that vibrates in all the right places? Incomprehensible euphoria! 

1. Autoblow A.I. Stroking Blowjob Machine

The Autoblow A.I. is a blowjob machine that’s been created by a team who analysed blowjob videos for over 10000 hours. That, plus years of research, allowed the creators to fully understand the movement and bliss that occurs during oral sex. Finally, the Autoblow A.I was brought into fruition. It uses artificial intelligence to get you off in no time, and allows you to have the full real-feel experience in the comfort of your own home, solo. It has 10 speeds and an edge button that pauses your pleasure to prolong it as long as possible (resulting in bigger orgasms). It comes with one silicone mouth sleeve, but you can purchase a vagina and ass sleeve separately. True innovation, ultimate bliss.
Autoblow A.I

2. Kiiroo Keon Combo Set Including Stroker

Imminent pleasure awaits with the Kiiroo Keon Combo Set. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful automated masturbators for men available today. It comes in a compact case, is ergonomically-designed, has an intuitive grip, an accompanying app, and allows you to control the speed and stroke to your heart's content. It also reacts responsively, and gives you real-time information about the connection, speed, and battery life. The best part? You can connect it to some of the world’s leading adult sites and, using VR goggles, experience lifelike thrusts and moans in real-time.
Kirroo Keon

3. LELO F1s V2 Sensonic Masturbator

LELO is one of the world’s leading sex toy companies, and their sensonic masturbator is a true masterpiece. It offers a wide range of intensities and four pulsating programs. It’s equipped with 10 state-of-the-art sensors for real-time performance feedback through the LELO app, giving you the freedom to customise your best pleasure settings. It has dual motors, emits powerful sonic waves, and tickles your nerve endings for overwhelmingly sensual orgasms.
LELO F1S V2 SenSonic Masturbator

4. Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Electronic White

Experience rumbling vibrations with not one but two vibrating cores inside the device. The Tenga Flip Zero (0) White is the first ever electric model in the Tenga range, and comes with several vibrating patterns, a coating of bumps and lines, and is waterproof for splashes of fun. Enjoy strong suction, single-button controls, and an easy-to-clean masturbator for uninhibited bliss. 
Tenga FLIP 0 (ZER0) Electronic Vibration White

5. Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Vibration Black

The Tenga Flip 0 (Zero) Black is more intense than the White, and offers stronger sensations and a tighter squeeze. It’s adorned with internal details that stimulate and please your shaft, while offering you various vibration modes and patterns. Its seamless insertion point and easy-to-use buttons make this male masturbator an excellent choice for utter europhic bouts of play.
Tenga FLIP 0 (ZER0) Electronic Vibration Black

6. Lovense Max 2 Vibrating Male Masturbator

An app-controlled vibrating male masturbator made to send you over the edge. The Lovense Max 2 has 360-degree contractions, strong sensations, and a long battery life so you can get your best pleasure whenever the mood strikes. Its design is gender-neutral, elegant, and is considered one of the best teledildonics on the market today.
Lovense Max 2 Vibrating Male Masturbator

7. Lovense Calor Heating Male Masturbator

A male masturbator that’ll turn those cold winter days into something steamy! The Lovense Calor Heating Masturbator is compact, and offers depth-control so you can feel stronger vibrations the deeper you insert yourself. It has a squeezable grip, stimulates as you stroke, and is also petite enough to be your best travel companion. And for those looking for long distance play, the Calor works via the Lovense app, so you can have fun with whomever you fancy, near or far.
Lovense Calor Heating Male Masturbator

8. PDX Elite Motobator 2

The ultimate hands-free experience is what you can enjoy if you spoil yourself with the PDX Elite Motobator 2. It has intense suction, thrilling vibrations, and powerful piston-action thrusting that you’ve yet to experience elsewhere. Together, you’ll be gifted with suction and thrusting actions either together or separately. It has a rechargeable motor, three modes of vacuum suction, five vibrational patterns, and a removable soft and stretchy sleeve. Have it your way!
PDX Elite Motobator 2

9. Orctan Oral Sex Simulator 

Known as “the world’s most advanced oral sex simulator for penis owners,” Orctan has massage rollers and nine programmes to create new and intense sensations… sensations that are just like that of receiving the best oral sex of your life. This oral sex simulator also offers a edging mode for you to prolong your pleasure and ultimate orgasm, and comes with a vibration amplifier for even bigger explosive climaxes.
ORCTAN Oral Sex Simulator

10. Kiiroo ONYX+ Interactive Male Masturbator

If it’s a lightweight yet intense vibrating male masturbator you’re looking for, Kiiroo ONYX+ is discreet, quiet, and sexy. It has a rotating motor that goes up and down, giving you the true feeling of penetrative intercourse, and can reach up to 140 strokes per minute! Inside you’ll find 10 contracting rings that work together in unison to simulate sex, creating the most realistic experience yet. This magnificent masturbator also comes with three modes to play; interactive, manual, and automatic, and uses a touch-sensitive trackpad to control the speed of the stroke.

11. Autoblow 2+ XT Stroking Blowjob Machine

Don’t work harder, work smarter! The Autoblow 2+ XT is a realistic blowjob machine that is possibly even better than the real thing. This life-like machine has a rubbery sleeve and a super powerful motor as well as an easy-grip canister for that perfect fit and climatic release. Inside, there are five spring-loaded gripping mechanism columns, all of which move up and down, giving you full-on, all-over stimulation. And with one charge, you can enjoy around 3,000 blowjobs!

12. Lovense Gush Vibrating Penis Massager

This app-controlled vibrating penis ring is so versatile, you can really pick and choose the type of stimulation you adore for your best erotic experience. It’s adjustable, offers hands-free pleasure, and comes with an optional band that allows you to increase the intensity and tightness according to your desire. It’s soft, compact, and showers you with targeted stimulation for those sexy moments of solo play. 

Male Sex Toys: Prostate Massagers

The prostate (the male g-spot) is a walnut-sized gland inside the anus of men, and a pleasure zone unlike no other. And while penile orgasms are great, prostate orgasms have the power to shower you with full-body orgasms. Toe-curling, ecstasy-like waves of climatic bliss expelled from within to make you feel like an absolute champ.

1. We-Vibe Vector

The perfect fit for epic pleasure, the We-Vibe Vector is a silicone prostate massager that targets both the prostate and the perineum in a gentle yet arousing manner. With it, you have the power to enjoy pressure and vibrations however you like it, as its customised design lets you play in complete comfort. It’s been made in such a way that it fits your body elegantly and comfortably, it has an adjustable head, is remote and app-controlled, has more than 10 vibration modes, is whisper-quiet, and waterproof for fun in water.

2. LELO Hugo

The LELO Hugo is a remote-controlled prostate massager that comes with eight settings and LELO’s exclusive SenseMotion technology (aka it responds with a simple movement of the remote). It has two powerful motors, is 100 percent waterproof, made of soft silicone, and works by deeply massaging the prostate and the perineum simultaneously. Double the pleasure, double the climax.

3. Lovense Edge 2 Adjustable Male Prostate Vibrator

Lovense is a well-known brand because they offer remote control pleasure via Bluetooth with ease. For that reason, play partners and couples across the world are able to get intimate no matter the distance. But even for solo players, the Lovense Edge 2 prostate massager is an absolute treasure. It has a long neck and a large bulb that ensures muscle retention and stability, keeping it in place, and an adjustable head to really target those sweet spots. And with its dual motors, you can sit back and enjoy all the sexy feels this bad boy has to offer. 

4. Nexus SIMUL8 Dual Motor Anal Cock and Ball Toy

For prostate and perineum pleasure, the Nexus SIMUL8 cock and ball toy is perfect for solo fun or partnered play. It’s super stretchy, helps keep you harder for longer, and has an ergonomically-shaped vibrating shaft and base for absolute thrusting pleasure. With this cock ring, you have the ability to control both motors independently, and enjoy a combination of up to 48 different pleasure settings.

5. B-Vibe Snug and Tug Vibrating Cock Ring Prostate Plug

A two-in-one, the B-Vibe Snug and Tug is not just a prostate massager, it’s also a cock ring! What does that mean? Double the pleasure, yes, but also the ability to use it during partnered play as well. Its penis ring gives you the chance to enjoy stronger and more powerful erections, its butt plug is award-winning and perfect for newbies and experienced players, and its slew of vibration modes are swoon-worthy. Made of soft silicone, this muse is stretchable, weighted, and oh so pleasurable.

6. Svakom Iker Prostate Massager

Flexibility never looked so sexy! Svakom Iker is a prostate massager that’s perfectly-sculpted to target your sweet spots. And in fact, this prostate massager is actually gender neutral. Penis owners can enjoy prostate and perineum stimulation and vulva owners can enjoy G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Sharing is caring (be sure to wash this toy when swapping with your lover). It has seven vibration modes and five pulsating patterns, and is app-controlled for limitless joy.

7. Nexus Revo Stealth Rotating Prostate Massager

Enjoy prostate orgasms on the regular with the super sleek remote-controlled Nexus Revo. The Nexus Revo comes with a two-speed rotating shaft that massages the prostate gently, and a six-function perineum massager for an extra bit of erotic stimulation. Hold its small remote control in your hand and control your best bouts of orgasmic pleasure with ease. 

8. Fun Factory Duke Prostate Vibrating Massager

A smooth and adaptable prostate vibrating massager that’s ergonomically-shaped, Duke from Fun Factory was made with the male anatomy in mind. It stimulates both the prostate and the perineum for double bliss, and offers powerful vibrations, an upper bulge that gives you a feeling of fullness and pleasure, and operates easily and intuitively. It’s an easy-to-use male sex toy that beginners and regular players will simply love.

Male Sex Toys: Vibrating Cock Rings

Vibrating cock rings are fun for solo play or for those sexy nights with a partner. They’re worn around the penis, oftentimes stimulating other hot spots like the perineum or the prostate, and give you (and your partner) that over-the-edge kind of orgasm while offering stronger and more powerful erections.

1. We-Vibe Bond

Made for intense penetrative sex, the We-Vibe Bond is made of soft, smooth silicone, is stretchy yet firm enough for a variety of sex positions, and enhances his erection for even more powerful love making. This luxurious cock ring is worn at the base of the penis shaft, but offers different sensations depending on how you use it. For example, if it’s worn with the vibrating part upwards, it will give vulva owners clitoral stimulation during penetration. If it’s worn with the vibrating part downwards, more stimulation will be given to the testicles. It has 10 rumbling vibration modes, and works with the We-Vibe We-Connect app for even more fun.

2. We-Vibe Verge Vibrating Penis Ring

Made not only to enhance erections and to last longer in the bedroom, but also to stimulate the shaft and the perineum. The We-Vibe Verge can be worn during masturbation or during penetrative sex, and has some seriously sexy vibrational speeds and patterns for ultimate bliss. This luxurious cock ring also works with We-Vibe’s app called We-Connect, so you can play with a partner near or far. Whichever way you choose to play however, you’ll undoubtedly experience new kinds of erections and orgasmic euphoria.

3. LELO Tor 2 Cock Ring

This premium cock ring made for couples is one of LELO’s best male sex toys. It’s made of soft, stretchy silicone that fits almost all sizes, gives men longer-lasting and more powerful erections, and stimulates those sweet spots during sex. It’s fully waterproof too for fun in water, and has an easy-to-use interface with six stimulation modes. Share the vibrational bliss with your lover, or have solo fun with the LELO Tor 2.

4. Lovense Diamo App Controlled Cock Ring

The Lovense Diamo is a wearable, hands-free cock ring that can be controlled using the Lovense app. When worn, men can experience intense perineum vibrations and stronger erections. And during sex, both partners will feel the intense waves of pleasure. Exactly what you (and your partner) need to have an explosively orgasmic session. In fact, you could even wear this cock ring in public as it’s discreet and can be enjoyed by simply tapping your phone. Cheeky! 

5. Satisfyer Mighty One Vibrating Couples Ring

The Satisfyer Mighty One is completely stylish, made of smooth silicone, is whisper-quiet, rechargeable, and IPX waterproof. It’s a vibrating couples ring that flatters your manhood while stimulating your partner’s clitoris during penetration. In this way, pleasure is shared blissfully in unison. This cock ring is easy to use via the control panel or with the Satisfyer Connect app, and can even be synced to vibrate according to your favourite Spotify playlist. Sexual innovation at its very best.

6. Fun Factory Nos Vibrating Penis Ring

This sweet treat was made with both penis owners and vulva owners in mind. When worn by him during sex, the Fun Factory Nos teases and stimulates her clitoris while allowing you to enjoy vibrational bliss and bigger, longer-lasting erections. It’s stretchy and versatile, made for all-over stimulation, has protruding pressure points for more targeted bliss, and has been created with a non-slip shape that’s easy to remove. Enjoy its four vibrational speeds and dual motors for next-level erotic pleasure.

You see, gents, there are dozens of amazing, innovative, and pleasure-inducing sex toys for you to choose from! Has anything special caught your eye? We wish you all the intense and highly erotic orgasms you most certainly deserve.

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